Brilliant. I was literally thinking about writing this today. The only thing missing is their love of Christmas. It’s the only time they seem to selectively call a season of giving. I would partially believe them except they treat you like shit in stores, damned near run over you crossing the street, rudely cut you off in the checkout lines, and will donate money/food at the end of the year to just to get that tax write off for charitable donations. They are caught up in childhood memories instead of lasting, meaningful changes to improve the condition of humanity. If they loved people in the same way they love commercial holidays and retrievers maybe we could end racism.

I saw this discussion on Twitter and it was hilarious watching White folks make their points validating the poster’s thoughts. Their love of dogs life above human life is absolutely astonishing somedays. The lengths of compassion they’ll have for dogs clearly illustrates how little they care about humanity. They will stop traffic and risk getting killed to save a kitten or dog in the street, but will watch a Black person
be physically violated by racists, brutalized by renegade police, or harrassed by Pool Pattys and Barbecue Beckys and sit silently as if their intervention isn’t needed.

I was going to write an essay Titled “If White People Cared About Fighting White Supremacy the Way They Cared About Christmas and Dogs,” but this will suffice. It makes the same point. White people are ride or die for animals and their own folks.

  • WHITE PEOPLE: I know some of you are ready to type not all white people. I know, I know so if it doesn’t apply, just let it fly. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Please uncenter Whiteness and realize what this essay is really about

I write intelligent, unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people, and White Supremacy. |

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