But I wanted to add one thing about Sanders that is often overlooked, and that’s the racist tone and dogmatic debating styles of his followers, in particular White men. They are often combative, disrespectful, and plenty racist. Sometimes when I engage with a Bernie supporter I feel like I’m engaging with a Trump supporter. They only hear their own talking points, and before you can respond to what they’ve said they have moved onto the next thing they wany to talk about. It shows they aren’t listening to us or our concerns. Who wants to come under that kind of umbrella? I don’t allow my own children to be disrespectful to me, so no good and grown adult is going to tolerate that. Bernie’s coalition of follow says a lot about him and the people who follow him. Black people are stupid. We have more information on White people than we could ever process, and our data says to us don’t trust them. Period.

They continue proofing us right.

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