Buttigieg is so sure of himself he noted the race was between he and Warren. Considering he’s getting consulting support from the Octopus with endless tentacles (Facebook), I’m thinking the race is already rigged for two of the palest, Whitest “Moderate” the White Media can buy. I’m not looking at Warren or Buttigieg. The fact Castro, Harris, Booker, and Yang get little to no media coverage has told me all I need to know about 2020. White and pale are on the ballots, and I’m sorry, I’m looking for fairness, equality, and a fighter against the institutional racism that has been overtly reinforced by Tang!

White folks vote like they don’t care about my safety, and I can no longer vote caring about their comfort. I’m fine with Trump for 4 more years. We don’t need no water, pour some gasoline on it. Black people (women in particular) didn’t put Trump in office, and it’s not our jobs to get him out of office. We did our jobs sounding the alarms. It’s not our jobs to clean up the messes made by Trump voters. The “help” is off duty!

I. Loved. Your. Assessment. Sam.

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