Why Black Leaders Denying National Racism Is Unacceptable

The problem with Tim Scott, Kamala Harris, and mythical monolithic Blackness

Photo: Senator Tim Scott and Former Senator Kelly Loeffler. Source

America Is A Racist Nation

First, let me be clear. This racist is racist. It breeds racism. It’s so racist it can’t figure out how to end racism. White people in this country are so entrenched in racism, they can’t figure out how to untangle themselves from it. Black people are so confused by White Supremacy and some, so in love with it, they can’t figure out how to free themselves from their oppression. America is so racist and works so hard to keep it masked, White people don’t even realize how racist they are, and non-White people can’t seem to understand how they work to help uphold this White Supremacist system.

Senator Tim Scott, the only Black Republican Senator in Congress, hailing from South Carolina, the cradle of the Confederacy, said America isn’t racist last week in his rebuttal to President Biden’s speech to the Joint Congress. I expected nothing less from any Black person still associated with the Republican Party as the only anything. They’d made who they are pretty clear now to the world. But for Senator Scott to excuse America is a huge slap in the face to Blacks.

Under the leadership of racist, Trump-like U.S. Senator Jefferson Davis, South Carolina became the Confederate States of America in 1861. South Carolina proudly seceded from the Union because they didn’t want to free their slaves. Tim Scott knows his our home state’s history. He knows this fucking country is racist, and he knows the state he proudly represents like the tornado fool he is, is racist.

Senator Tim Scott simply denies the truth because he likes the benefits provided to him by his proximity to Whiteness. He’s a liar and the truth isn’t in him. He’s a snake in the grass who would eat his own children if he had some.

Scott is a traitor to African Americans living in South Carolina and all across the South still living in the shadows of racism. My parents went to segregated schools like so many African Americans. My great grandfather was a sharecropper, and he’s was old enough when he died to have been born a slave. You can’t grow up in South Carolina and not see racism and not know that it’s real. It’s everywhere.

Racism is built into everything in this country. When African American descendants of slavery are co-signing White Supremacy the way Scott did, denying this country wasn’t founded on inequity, ignoring Constitutional injustices that have been challenged such as the 3/5ths Compromise, or denying the fact that America had national laws and a Constitution reinforcing separate and unequal rights publicly, Houston, we have a problem.

The First Black Vice-President Did It Too

What’s worse, the first Black, non-African American Vice-President Kamala Harris publicly co-signed Scott’s rebuttal, then backtracked with her “America isn’t a racist nation” rebuttal to Scott’s rebuttal, creating more problems for African Americans who have suffered for racial discrimination in this country for generations. Both of Harris’ parents were immigrants which I believe in part framed her view of America that caused her racial faux-paux. Often Black and Brown immigrants coming to America are anti-African-American Black thanks to propaganda fed to them by our racist nation. Harris's recent comment wasn’t surprising to me at all.

Her actions during her presidential run had already proven who she was. Her words solidified it. In South Carolina, we’re used to big city Blacks peddling their nonsense to us. We know what time it is. They aren’t fooling a lot of us.

Vice President Harris, like President Obama and so many biracial immigrants and descendants of Black immigrants who have no connections to African- Americans because they come here with a competitive edge. Many immigrants are only allowed into the US because they are able to contribute to America’s economy. They are often better educated and they come from families that weren’t poor. They also come with their anti-Black lessons. Many Black immigrants live in communities associated with their cultures. They don’t mix up with us.

They all know Black is at the bottom, and no one is trying to be down here with us.

Immigrants, regardless of immigration status, see America as the land of milk and honey or the land of opportunity because for them as immigrants, it is. For African-Americans, America has been a place of sorrow, struggle, inequity, genocide, and never-ending racism. For the first Black Vice-President of this country to claim our Blackness while negating our history is a disgrace and a slap in the face to African Americans who were already skeptical about Harris’ position. It’s a slip that should’ve never happened.

It’s a slip-up that will cost us for years to come.

Vice-President Harris tried to backtrack her misstep, but the damage was already been done. Though her ride-or-die followers are hanging in there no matter what, it didn’t take long for her standing to sink with a lot of us on the fence about her because of our past experiences with lots of immigrant groups and second-generation Blacks in America.

If there is a White Supremacy bus coming, a lot of Black non-African Americans are throwing us under it.

Harris Already Had Nails In Her Coffin

Harris’ first and most tragic misstep was saying she would never do anything for one group that couldn’t benefit all. That basically says to African-Americans she would support equality, but not equity which equals the playing field as the first Black female president.

We know that stance is bullshit now seeing how she’s proudly announced a resolution and legislation for Asians since being Vice-President. When it comes to doing something for African Americans, White folks act like we are Kryptonite. If they do something solely for us, they’ll die.

People like Scott and Harris help White people feel good about being casual or over racist. They allow themselves to be tools in exchange for proximity. We all know the drill. Let’s get it out in the open so no one is under the impression we African-Americans are confused or we’ve evolved to a new, more docile position.

Nope, America is still racist as fuck, with no end in sight.

America Is Racist

Everything about America is racist. Our systems are racist. So many of our laws are racist. Criminal justice in America is racist. Our neighborhoods are developed intentionally segregated making most of them racist. Ghettos are racist. Environmental terrorism is racist. Climate change is racist and the reason we’re experiencing it is because of capitalism, which is and always has been inherently racist. We have had 45 White presidents, all men because that’s the only thing the majority of White folks will accept. America has engaged in genocide and wars against non-White nations because they believed they were inferior or because they had little respect for their indigenous ways. That’s definitely racist. America engaged in slavery, Jim Crow, Black Codes, and so forth as national policies and laws.

Remember the Dred Scott decision (Dred Scott v. John F.A. Sandford)? The case where the U.S. Supreme Court on March 6, 1857, ruled that Dred Scott, a freed African-American slave who lived in a free state and territory where slavery was prohibited was not entitled to his freedom; that African Americans were not and could never be citizens of the United States; and that the Missouri Compromise (1820), which had declared free all territories west of Missouri was unconstitutional.

The federal government was even racist. Racism was reinforced by the Supreme Court.

We had and still have sundown towns, and racist slave patrols and overseers are now called police officers. The fact we had to fight for the right to vote and must continue to fight for voting rights means America never had a democracy. Racism makes America an autocracy.

Give me fucking break, will ya?

African Americans, Black people, and People of Color who love White Supremacy and enjoy the benefits they get from participating in the system often deny racism exists, or at least attempt to hot-footin it, playing both sides of the fence. Well, those days are over. We don’t care if you’re Black and tokening for ya masters, we’re calling ya out.

I don’t care how many White people Senator Tim Scott stands next to reinforcing his self-serving colorblind worldview or how much proximity Vice-President Harris has to White power, they still won’t erase the fact those White people they stand next to were person born or trained to uphold White Supremacy. It won’t erase the fact they also benefit from racism.

So yeah, America is racist. Also true is there are a lot of people enamored or ensnared by White Supremacy. Black and African American people willing to deny racism can’t lead me anywhere, and they damned sure can’t be trusted. America is inherently racist, and we cannot ever underestimate just how racist this nation is. America is so racist, it awards privileges making Black people deny it.

White Supremacy threatens livelihoods, statuses, and opportunities for all putting it on blast. Harris and Scott proved just how powerful White Supremacy and racial discrimination truly are.

Don’t Trust Racism Deniers, Even Black Ones

Any Black or African- American person denying racism cannot and should not be trusted, I don’t care how Black they claim they are, how educated they are, how beautiful or handsome they are, or how accomplished you believe they are. You can’t dismantle racism if you are busy denying it.

Harris and Scott have no plans to help us suffering under the weight of oppression to dismantle the racist system because they are too busy benefitting from it. They both are simply gatekeepers on a mission, and I simply ain’t got no more time or energy to dedicate to Black people leading African-Americans in the wrong direction. Either you’re for me or against me. You’re either a change agent or a progress blocker. I see them both as progress blockers.

I don’t straddle the fence when it comes to racism or racists, neither should Black or African-American people about this liberation life. Settling for promises of incremental change and compromising your needs to care for White people’s needs is old. I’m done. Democrats better start talking a new game, because they can’t sell us the same old wolf tickets and promises anymore. We see right through ya.

Either Black people are moving Black and African American people forward or you’re holding us back. Get on the bus or get out of the way.

Senator Scott and Vice-President Harris have proven yet again Black people are not a monolith.

Marley K. 2021

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