Every Waking Moment Not Working Should Be Spent Fighting White Supremacy

Time and energy not fighting White Supremacy is time wasted. The Code according to Neely Fuller Jr.

Photo by Jeffrey Paa Kwesi Opare from Pexels

White Supremacy Fights Black People Whether We Fight Back Or Not

I know folks get tired of me talking about racism/White Supremacy, but it’s in everything, it’s everywhere. It literally controls everything. If you don’t see it as such, it probably means you’re racist (by default or by systemic grooming) and privileged. Not being able to see how White Supremacy controls everything and everyone (including White people) in ways that are unhealthy, unnatural, and out of order means you’re probably a part of the problem. You’re a lot of folks’ problem too. I appreciate the White people who get it. Seeing how the system works is one of the hardest thing ones has to do. Seeing it for what it is helps us to reduce our White Supremacy footprint on the globe.

Think of White Supremacy the same way you think of climate change. They’re married you know. You can’t have one without the other.

I always appreciate the Blacks, African Americans, and the People of Color (POC) who understand the fine line of easily becoming a White Supremacist and a traitor to your people, and codeswitching, the fine art we are forced to master when we keep that invisible line between White Supremacy (the world) and our cultural, ethnic, national, and/or racial identities. It’s what we must do to ensure we don’t lose ourselves, our histories, and our identifies. Erasure is one of the many ways White Supremacy dominates groups of non-White people.

The video below was shared by one of my Twitter followers is an oldie but goody, illustrating how White Supremacy uses a few privileged middle-class and wealthy Black people (and now other POC) to keep the majority of poor, disadvantaged Black people oppressed. Click on the link to listen to the plans that work so well for them and so badly for us.

Source Twitter: @TerryRobo1 (Author of the book and Black anthem, “Blaxhaustion.”)

With White Supremacy, when you forget who you are and White Supremacy is, you begin to believe your enemy is your friend and trust me when I tell you White Supremacy is no one's friend — not even White people. They soon shall learn this hard lesson.

But I’m not here to talk about White folks learning and lessons right now. I’m here to talk about Black folks and the things we should be doing and learning where White Supremacy is concerned. Understanding how the systems of racism/White Supremacy work locally and globally are essential to the survival of Black, African American, Brown folks everywhere. White Supremacy knows us better than we know it, and that’s the problem.

Too Many Black Folks Across the Diaspora Don’t Understand White Supremacy

Based on the number of conversations held by Black in public forums about anything and everything except liberation and defeating White Supremacy, in my opinion, too many Black people across the African diaspora simply do not understand White Supremacy. Even the Blacks who have decided to get in bed with White Supremacy for whatever perk they may offer them(anything that doesn’t counter White Supremacy) appear to not understand they too are engaging in White Supremacy and that in the end they too will be broken by it.

It seems there are a lot of Black folks happy with being prisoners of war as Neely Fuller Jr calls us. I suppose these people have given up in order to have some of the White creature comforts noted in the video above.

The bottom line is you can’t fight White Supremacy if you do not understand it and too many Black people are not interested in learning the systems that keep us confined as hostages of war where we have no weapons to protect ourselves.

According to Neely Fully Jr., author of the book “The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept- A Compensatory Counter-Racist Code,” if you do not understand White Supremacy, what it is, how it works, everything else that you understand will only confuse you. This is a very true statement, and it's the reason there are so many educated Black folks working in White systems misleading disadvantaged Black folks. It’s all a part of White Supremacy’s strategy. Keeping us confused keeps us divided.

If you’ve ever read Fully Jr’s book, you know at the end of the book he has a compilation of some of his best quotes that bring home what Blacks, African Americans, and other non-White people are up against. There are a couple I want to get into to help those of us working to liberate the minds of victims of White Supremacy so that our bodies may soon follow. We Black folks waste a lot of time going back and forth with each other and doing things that are counter-productive to countering racism. I want to speak about that topic today. But before I get into my thoughts, I want to share a brief animated video by the talented Hip Hop Cartoons of Neely Fuller Jr. speaking in his own words about how the majority of Black folks in the Western Hemisphere spend their time when we’re not slaving for White Supremacy.

The brother who created the video does a wonderful job illustrating the wisdom of Neely Fully Jr. and other Black people working to counter racism often overlooked by mainstream society or suppressed by algorithms like my work often is, making it difficult for us to reach people we could be teaching. Hip Hop Cartoons uses its platform to teach the next generation about racism/White Supremacy using the wisdom of our elders and visuals/imagery young Black folks of today understand. The world has evolved like White Supremacy, so must countering racism messaging.

The channel’s messages are clear. Black people don’t have any more time or energy to waste doing things that do not counter racism. As far as I’m concerned anyone not countering racism is engaging in, perpetuating, or enabling racism/White Supremacy, and Black people can be guilty of this too.

Watch and listen to, “Time and Energy,” by Neely Fuller Jr.

Source: YouTube @Hip Hop Cartoon Channel (don’t forget to like, subscribe, and join)

Now, let’s get into my thoughts about some of Neely Fuller Jr’s quotes from his book.

Countering Racism Is All That Matters

Sometimes I feel as though Black folks have given up on themselves and on fighting White Supremacy. You see it in the way we vote. You hear it in the way we talk to one another. We feel it the way we Black folks turn on each other, and how we go harder for White Supremacy and tools of White Supremacy than we do for ourselves. We see it in the way the culture and many in the diaspora chase after the White folks’ hot butter biscuits (aka their money, power, privilege, status, recognition, etc.). Other times, I feel we simply do not understand the system because the system is designed to not be understood. Evil, diabolical, racist people have designed the web of deception we live in, and evil diabolical, racist people help keep the web of deception together.

While there are a lot of things beyond our control as Black people, there are plenty of things that we can control yet we don’t. We do have control over some of our time and energy, but we don’t always use it to help dismantle the system. In fact, social media and tech use highlight how we use our time and demonstrates how much we influence White Supremacy. A lot of us believe it’s someone else’s job to liberate us from this hostage crisis. Many of us don’t see ourselves in a hostage situation with White Supremacy. That’s part of the problem.

That’s what I want to speak to.

“As long as Racism exists, anything said or done by people that is not intended to help eliminate Racism and to help produce justice is a waste of time and energy.” ~ Neely Fuller Jr.

Black people can’t afford to do anything else except focus on how to end racism/White Supremacy which leads to inequity. School-to-prison pipelines deny our children opportunities and freedom. We’ve been denied reparations that could recompense us for the losses and damages suffered as a result of all the things that fall under White Supremacy’s umbrella such as slavery, the Black Codes, Jim Crow, redlining, gentrification, unfair tax codes, and other disadvantages caused because of our historic minority status. It doesn’t matter which Black celebrity got vaccinated or is anti-vax. Nobody gives a crap the first Black and Asian VP wears Chuck Taylors, Black folks having conversations about things that don’t bring us justice or demolish White Supremacy only makes social media companies moguls wealthier. This is why I use my platforms to rail against the system.

We’re still their property ya’ll.

Drake’s new rap music project isn’t going to liberate us or end racism. That project is only going to make White record label executive rich. Spending time and energy talking about what someone wore, the latest bags, the best hair and skin products, or the best place for Blacks to do anything fun doesn’t matter if it isn’t helping us get justice for all the things White Supremacy does to us on a daily basis. If you aren’t teaching people about how this system works, fighting for justice, or helping to liberate our people across the diaspora, you ain’t doing anything constructive to help our people. You’re dead weight. Learn the system, understand the system, and fight the system. Anything else is a waste of the little time and energy the system allows us to have. Use your spare time and energy wisely.

“Whoever dominates you, also dominates everything that you claim is yours. ~ Neely Fully Jr.

Black folks love to brag about what they have, what they do, where they go, how much money they make, and what they own, except we don’t own anything in the big scheme of things. White Supremacy can come to take your land if it wants using old obscure laws like heirs property and eminent domain, or unscrupulous tax laws. If there is one thing America has taught me is here you can never really own anything. Don’t pay your taxes, they can put a lien on your property. White Supremacy can use credit ratings and criminal records to erase your potential and take away opportunities. You don’t own your reputation. White Supremacy can make it and break it. White Supremacy is a way to keep a good Black man or woman down.

The system uses all sorts of ways methods to maintain inequity and to keep us as hostages in their war. White Supremacy must keep their serf class bountiful to keep them wealthy and at the top of the social hierarchy, so the system’s employees use all sorts of methods and tools to dominate and subjugate Black and African American people all over the world.

Black people need to understand White Supremacy dominates everything in the world, and I do mean everything, for now at least anyway. Their time dominating the globe is running out as China looks to assume the throne to become the next dominant group of White Supremacy. China has amassed more money, they have more people (who are 100% Chinese, not biracial/mixed with other grandfathered ethnic groups, dwarfing White folks), they are one of the non-White nations with nuclear weapons, and they’ve lent plenty of money to the failing United States. It’s money we aren’t able to pay back thanks to all the quantitative easing and tax breaks for the richest among us. We’re getting ready to be dominated by a new group of anti-Black people and we’re not prepared.

Black folks better start learning to speak Mandarin and understand how the Chinese do business. Better yet, we better start understanding the Chinese’s anti-Blackness and their form of subjugation domination, especially if you rely on the systems for your daily bread. “Whoever dominates us also dominates everything we claim is ours.” If it can be taken from you, you don’t own it, and we can own nothing as long as White Supremacy is the dominant system. It determines who has and who does not based upon our race. Spend your time owning less and learning more.

“During the existence of White Supremacy, trying to replace White Supremacy with Justice is the most logical way for every person to use his or her time and energy and, as such, should be regarded as his or her major ‘assigned duty.” ~ Neely Feely Jr.

One of the biggest issues with Black people collectively is we cannot seem to grasp the importance of justice because of so much confusion about what justice is has been thrown into the mix by White Supremacy. Like White people incapable of accepting their roles in racism/White Supremacy, we Black folks, don’t see themselves as having individual responsibility for our individual and collective liberation. We are sitting around looking for the next Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, or another now deceased ancestor who literally sacrificed their lives for us only for us instead of assuming our duty to fight for ourselves. Our individual duty is to fight White Supremacy, with all we have, by whatever means necessary, it’s not to lay down on the job or shirk the responsibility expecting someone else to free us.

We love looking around and criticizing what others are and aren’t doing to get justice for Black people instead of examining their own contributions to the problems and solutions we have today. Show me a Black person and I’ll show you someone who has a White Supremacy footprint.

If we’re not doing whatever we can to fight White Supremacy and seek justice daily, we are as much of an oppressor as White people are to us. This is how average, poor, round-the-way Black folks become White Supremacists. If you’re not fighting for justice for us, you’re a problem for us. Getting justice requires time, energy, knowledge, sacrifice, and at times, money. The money we give to support White Supremacy’s lifestyle should be withheld from the system to liberate our own, build our own, invest in our own, teach our own, so we can tear down White Supremacy. We show what we care about where we spend our time and money.

As long as we are co-dependent on White Supremacy’s systems, media platforms, jobs, money, food, transportation, security, etc., we are their slaves. Even if you think you’re free individually, you’re part of a collective that is not free. You cannot be free in a system that oppresses us all. Freedom and liberty are illusions in the system of White Supremacy. Until justice is served and White Supremacy is defeated, we should see ourselves as hostages and nothing more. By doing so, you’ll begin to fight to free yourselves.

You cannot see your freedom through the lens of White Supremacy because that freedom is an illusion meant to keep us docile, subjugated, and dominated. Spend your spare time and energy handling the business of White Supremacy.

“Be suspicious. Much of what is said about ‘history’ is not necessarily true. ” ~Neely Fully Jr.

There are no Black or Brown people on this earth who haven’t had their histories retold, scrubbed, and/or revised by White Supremacy to make it look as if it was a superior, a savior, or a victor. White Supremacy’s job is to remove you from your land, strip you of your language, assimilate you from your culture, and erase your history so that it can indoctrinate you with the things that are for White Supremacy’s benefit and interests. Black people are woefully out of touch with our history and contributions to the world. White people will have us believe we didn’t do anything, were illiterate, incapable of communicating, never contributed anything to the world, always been oppressed, and they created everything in the world that’s good.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Black and African American people across the diaspora should know our individual and collective histories. We need to know how great we were. We need to understand the mistakes we’ve made where White Supremacy is concerned. Black folks across the globe need to know how we can build Black better, but we cannot do that without using our time, energy, talents, our own money, nor can we build Black better without knowing our history. Without knowing our history we are doomed to repeat the past. Right now, foundational African Americans are in dire straights. We are set to repeat the past because we’ve been misled by Blacks who have sold us out. They are off code.

African Americans don’t have dual citizenship allowing us to skip continents to our Motherlands should America fail. This is our home and it’s failing. It’s up to us to fix the problems and dismantle the systems. It’s going to be long and painful, but it must be done.

Black people need to be vested in studying history in their spare time to avoid making the same mistakes our ancestors have already made where White Supremacy is concerned. There is too much oral and written history to consume for us to be this ignorant. No one knows everything, so we need to invest in learning instead of entertaining ourselves. You can’t learn anything from fools and gestures except how to be fools and gestures. Entertainment is the number one way White Supremacy lulls us to sleep as it’s busy rewriting our history and reprogramming our minds. Get into your own history with a sense of urgency. Doing anything else is a waste of time. Make the library your new bae.

“D on’t fight unnecessary battles. Don’t oppose non-existent opposition. ” ~Neely Fully Jr.

Black people spend more time fighting each other than we do fighting the author of every confusion we have, White Supremacy. Just imagine what we could do if we spent our time fighting against the system of our oppression. We’ve wasted enough time and energy trying to appease White gazes. Likewise, we fight each other in the diaspora because many aren’t on code. Whether it’s Black immigrants who import their anti-Blackness into the States or African Americans selling us out to satisfy White people and White leaders, Black people are not (and should not) be in opposition to other Black people unless they are off code. Being off code means they are on team White Supremacy causing and in direct conflict with what we are seeking, which is justice and freedom.

Source: YouTube Malcolm X interview discussing Black leaders in the struggle for civil rights. There is nothing new under the sun where Black folks and White Supremacy are concerned. Nothing at all.

Black folks need to learn to pick the right fights, join the right fights, follow the right leaders, listen to the right thinkers, and deny anyone entry into our fights if their motives aren’t centering Black people only. We must also understand there are plenty of Black people willing to fight for White Supremacy and not Black people. We can’t keep wasting our time and energy on those people. The same applies to White people. Any White person unwilling to forsake White Supremacy is a waste of time and energy doing White Supremacy. You are on both teams and you can be that and help us. You’ve either gotta be pro-justice or pro-injustice. You’re either racist or non-racist. You’re countering racism, or being racist. Fight wisely.

“When Black males fail to be ‘men’ and too weak-minded to resist domination by the White Supremacists (Racistman and Racistwoman collectively), the most seek to brutalize each other, Black females and eventually Black infants.”

This is probably going to be my most controversial point made in this piece. In my opinion, Black men through programming via White Supremacy, Post Traumatic Slave Disorder, miseducation, divestment in Black communities, slave patrolling, welfare programs, school-to-prison pipelines, weaponized White feminism, flawed child support, and child welfare systems, integration, the prison industrial complex, along with at times poor Black parenting, poverty, and few culturally-specific social supports create the huge numbers of what society deems “failed” Black males. Everything I’ve noted can be traced back to White Supremacy. Everything. Every problem the Black man has, the White man created it.

There is no reason why African American and Black men across the diaspora can’t do what other men in the world do to maintain families except there are invisible octopus tentacles of White Supremacy always meddling in every Black family’s business. Black people are the life insurance policies of White people. We help sustain them through jobs they claim are necessary to care for us, investment schemes created to make money off of us, etc. We are the world’s permanent serf class. The cure for all of this is to dismantle the system that keeps Black men broken, failing, and weak so that they can strengthen Black families.

I personally don’t believe in the feminism of any kind because it’s contrary to anything natural and was born out of White Supremacy. Everything has a role in nature, and women have failed miserably at trying to make boys the men we need to rebuild or reestablish our social structure.

“Nothing the European mind ever devised was meant to do anything but to facilitate the European’s control over the world.” ~ John Henrik Clarke

Feminism has played a huge role in destabilizing Black households. Black women have aided in the weakening of Black men and boys by pursuing White Supremacist agendas and ideologies which have caused many of the circumstances that have led to Black men being weak and unable to lead and provide for our communities like other groups. The destabilization has been intentional and constant. Anytime an opportunity is taken away from a Black man for any reason, he’s weakened and in turn, his entire family structure is weakened, and that’s just the way White Supremacy wants Black men. Weak, failing, confused, angry, and violent towards his own people.

When Black men are in this condition, they are acting as life insurance policies of White Supremacy.

One reason I believe feminism is bad for Black women is that, unlike White women who have a direct connection and proximity to White power via White Supremacy through their connections to White men, Black, African American, and Brown people don't have such linkages, proximity, and opportunities. White women are born into power and with privilege. Feminism is about competing with White men directly because they are the ones holding the reins of White Supremacy. Black women using their time and energy to pursue feminism are pursuing White Supremacy, and White Supremacy, regardless of what White folks call it, is nothing more than injustice and inequity. Black and African American women pursuing White ideologies are shooting themselves in the foot and putting shackles around their necks.

We didn’t create feminism, and feminism goes against natural law and order. It’s never going to work for anyone, not even White women. There has been a concerted effort by White Supremacy to exclude or diminish Black men from society since slavery.

Source: YouTube’s Hip Hop Cartoon Channel. Neely Fuller Jr’s thoughts on marriage in a White Supremacist system.

The other thing that should be noted is that because we are prisoners of war (White Supremacy) Black men really not allowed to function as husbands and Black women aren’t capable of functioning as wives to any men because we are prisoners of the White Supremacy war. The Black man’s inability to provide for wives, children, or even themselves in the system also weakens Black men. For instance, listen to Neely Fully Jr. describe Black and Brown people marrying in a White Supremacist system. Black folks must rely on the system for everything, including to marry, cohabitate, or even have children, which means we aren’t free to do anything. Our marriages, births, etc., aren’t recognized unless we have approval from White Supremacy in the form of certificates with numbers documenting these events. Without White Supremacy’s approval (certificates) we are considered illegitimate/not approved. How can a man ever be strong when he doesn’t have the power to do anything in this system, furthermore, how does he correct it?

White documentation legitimizes everything we do in their society. We are not free.

According to Neely Fuller Jr., “Black males have proven themselves pitifully weak in reacting constructively and effectively to situations that most dominate their behavior in the known universe.” I couldn’t agree with him more, but understanding the rationale behind the statement and my agreement with the statement is important.

Black and African American men have been the only men in the universe not given the right to defend themselves against White Supremacy. When Black men are shown on television in confrontation with violent White Supremacists, they are shown as weak, afraid, or docile, or portrayed as weak, measured, and/or nice. This is not by accident. The Black man’s weakness is tied to his enslavement and subsequent imprisonment.

No Black nation on earth possesses nuclear capabilities to protect itself from White Supremacy. White people have ensured they will always dominate the Black man, and they are on code about it. They may all may hate each other, but they are unified on hating Black folks more.

White Supremacy and grandfathereds have nuclear weapons. Black folks have nothing. Source: World Population View Map 2022

Black men went from being slaves of White Supremacy to being prisoners of White Supremacy. Brothers also got labeled as weak for fighting back against their oppression during their enslavement. Revolting or attempting to revolt was always met with retribution. White folks used pictures of dead, maimed, chained, and lynched African American men to put Black men into their places, sending the message that if they crossed White Supremacy in any way, White men had the right to kill Black men on a whim and they never had to worry about justice ruling against them.

White folks created the system and the rules for their system, they made certain through code and law they didn’t have to be concerned about justice.

On the flipside, Black men have been attempting to strengthen their standing in our society by a variety of means. It’s one reason there is so much gangster rap and videos of swagged-out Black men engaging in misogyny and violence against each other on radio airways, television, and social media. While Black men are doing many positive things for our communities with positive imagery to match, the dominant society chooses to highlight the imagery they see fit which best supports their narratives of Black men being weak, beaten down by White cops, degenerates, dead beat dads, and illegitimate society members.

Black men are trying desperately to convey to the world they have some sort of power because they don’t understand how White Supremacy works, so they spend their time and energy attempting to convince other Black people they have power and aren’t weak. They know in the big scheme of things White Supremacy controls them, but it still doesn’t stop them from wasting their time or energy and being used by the dominant society for some chains and a few dollars.

White Supremacy is invested in keeping Black men weak and weak looking so they won’t fight for themselves or their Black communities. It’s easy to act a fool, engage in escapism, or lash out at others working to dismantle the systems that keep us all bound. Should we find our bearing, gather ourselves, and revolt, the world would be changed in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, too many Black men are distracted with other things which disguise their weaknesses and deficiencies. Video games, sex, working, drugs, entertainment, and other things set before Black men by White Supremacy have nothing to do with establishing justice on our behalf in the areas of Economics, Entertainment, Education, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War/Counter-War.

There has never been a break in the way Black men have been held against their wills since their enslavement and the colonization of all things Black on earth. Can you imagine being held against your will for almost 500 years, removed from your continents, stripped of your names, watching your wives and children be raped and sold to work for nothing, and being buck broken? Then you’re freed from that life only to be placed into a global prison system for 155-years, only to have Black women, the one woman on earth who has been treated like you, used as a weapon against you. Of course the Black man’s weak. The women in his own family at times contribute to his weakening and failures.

Black men have wasted enough time on things that do not produce justice for them, that frees them from their current imprisonment, nor do those things destroy White Supremacy. The persistent lack of focus and effort on the parts of these types of Black men for whatever reason has the entire diaspora out of order. Until Black men begin to fight racism/White Supremacy and get justice, they will remain weak, dominated, subjugated and they are exterminated by White Supremacy. Black men must learn to invest their time and energy in things that will help us collectively get back into a natural order.

In Closing

Black people need to get on code, especially Black men. I realize there are barriers and issues that are beyond our control, but many of the barriers and issues are within your control. What you do with your spare time, who you marry/cohabitate with, when and how you start families, what you put into your body, what and who you associate with, your integrity, what you fight for, and what you put your energy towards matters, regardless of your age. How we spend our spare time and energy is within our individual and collective control.

White Supremacy has plans for us all. Every day it isn’t dismantled is another day it finds another way to divide us, conquer us, kill us, cheat us, or steal from us. Every Black and African American person on team countering racism has an obligation to help end White Supremacy, the thing that keeps us all in bondage, confused hating ourselves and hating one another.

Each Black person’s every waking moment not working for White Supremacy should be spent studying it, understanding it, finding ways to beat it at its own games, and then fighting it. Doing anything otherwise is a waste of time and energy and off countering-racism code.

Marley K., 2021

I’d like to thank Hip Hop Cartoons for the inspiration for this thought. Disclaimer: The author is not affiliated with the creator in any way, just a fan)

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