Chile, welcome home.

Thank you for finally seeing. Work on you shit, let them work on their shit, and if they are down for the ride after our righteous anger then so be it. In this hour a lot of biracial children are waking up to the reality our parents did us an injustice by placing us in spaces where we weren't safe, where we would be propagandized and put in a situation where there are forced to turn on their own people. You live and you learn. I accept your apology because I am dealing with something similar my son's girlfriend. I can see she's lost around me. I know she's uncomfortable around Black people because her mom who is a White woman is racist, so she was literally raised to be racist (and White), but because she's never fit in anyplace she accepted White by default. They never accepted her though because of her skin tone and hair texture.

She just seems out of place and uncomfortable. I always wondered what it was like when I'd see the only biracial guy or gal in a sea of White people. You offered me what I picture, and it was as ugly as I had envisioned. You sell your souls to be with White people. To be accepted, to just be a token--and ornament. Don't settle anymore.

This story has helped me understand what my son's girlfriend may be going through right now. I'm not sure how she reconciles with her upbring and how she reacts to this moment, but I hope it's with the self-evaluation and care that you did, and I hope you are able to do good things for our community. We need people who can navigate both worlds in freedom fighting. Thanks for sharing this sad, enlightening, and encouraging story.

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