I have never owned a gun in my life until this year. We can never let our guards down with the White rage. I've never experienced so many threats and so many fires, neither has my dad (he's 70). This really is a backwards country that thrives on oppression, poverty, inequality, racism and just pure evil.

I grew up in the country where people hunted, so I was pro gun. People used guns responsibly and appreciated the privilege, but they are also the many are same people who have turned into the vanilla isis. It seems their gun rights are tied to more than just hunting. Gun ownership in America is also tied to militias which are noted in the Bill of Rights.

Perverse libertarianism is a great description of what we have here. I'm glad Australia has found a way to thrive in the midst of the pandemic. I didn't know we had so many stupid and evil people in this country. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. It will probably be this way for at least the next year or two. Unless America starts physically punishing violators or they die off, resistors of science will continue to resist.

Enjoy living. We sure as heck can't! I'll live through you I guess. Thank goodness for photos and virtual tours.

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