Cities Will Be Death Traps in Times of Chaos

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As folks relocate away from the hustle and bustle of large cities and overrun suburban areas to more rural and sparsely populated areas, those unable to leave due to finances, family, work, or fear of relocating to someplace new will need to be thinking about what they’ll do in the event of an SHTF scenario. I realize many Black people have flocked to large cities for decades in search of better opportunities, but as wars and rumors of wars get louder and the media pushes the crime stories featuring you know who, white folks are going to get fearful.

Cities are nothing more than laboratories and experiments. Black people, whether you know it or not, you’re the dominant society’s favorite lab specimens.

Ever notice how all those sci-fi movies since forever have been centered in major cities? The powers that shouldn’t be have been telling us for years their plans without actually telling us. Did you think these movies were just entertainment? I hope not. The evil ones have been playing sick, cruel jokes on the masses who are too indoctrinated to believe the powers would sacrifice an entire city of people for some other nefarious objective.

They don’t care about us, and they don’t care about any chaos that is coming with the failing of this state. Chaos is an opportunity to enact new policies taking us directly into their New World Order. America’s fall is all that’s needed and you better believe the rich as sitting back awaiting our demise.

They’ve orchestrated through your favorite politicians. They’ve already started the planting seeds, using words and stories to craft a narrative to stoke fear among whites and to make life more stressful for us Blacks.

Expect more calls to the cops if you live in big cities. The old bad ones are leaving, taking their pensions and heading for the hills. The news cops coming to take their places, race soldiers in waiting, will be our worst nightmare.

We’re already seeing more stories in the media of crime increasing (i.e., someone tried to break into my white home, but they forget to tell you it was a white person). These stories help President Paw Paw justify his 4th Crime Bill aimed at my people living in cities. Expect more young Black men to be harassed, interrogated, fined for misdemeanors they’d never charge young White men with, and accused of crimes in large cities. The city has to make money to keep it going in the midst of collapse.

If you live in the city, you can also expect the federal government to militarize more big city police departments in anticipation of the kind of chaos that comes with collapsing societies. Trust me, they have a plan for everything, to include ensuring you don’t leave the city if they don’t want you to.

Basically, in a SHTF scenario, city life is a set up for catastrophic failure on numerous levels, especially for Black folks. City folks are going to have to be about their business beefing up their survival tactics in case they are stuck in densely populated places during any type of emergency or disaster.

Just because you’re trapped in the city doesn’t mean you have to be doomed, so let’s talk it out.

I want to provide some practical ideas for people who are unable to leave the city for whatever reason. Know that my first advice is always going to be to leave, but if you can’t I want to be a help to you. Let’s talk about some ole country woman ideas for planning to survive living in a city under duress.

I’m going to call it… if I were you, I would (lol), because it’s exactly what I’d do.

If I Were You, I Would….

Planning is essential for survival. You can’t survive if you didn’t plan to. While no plan if foolproof/guaranteed, you’ll have a higher chance of survival if you plan to succeed. Let’s talk about some things I would do if I were you being that I’m not a city dweller but can see from the outside how city life could cause huge issues in an SHTF scenario. So, let’s get into it.

If I were you and lived in a big city, I would….

  1. Find a few safe spots in or near the city to hide out in case the area experiences civil unrest or other chaos outside of shelter in place scenarios. Scout out several places where you’d be safe in case you need to pitch a tent or to relocate to in the event your city becomes chaotic. Investigate them, talk over the pros and cons of your locations with family members, and make a plan to get to those locations in the event something happens in your city. Be sure to write down the names and physical addresses and print out maps of these locations just in case there is no cell/internet service in your area. Don’t assume you’ll have access to a phone or internet during critical times. All they have to do is hit a switch and you’re in bondage. Make sure you check out state parks across your state and in neighboring states where camping is available, especially if the state is less populated. This could be a low-cost relocation option as long as the chaos isn’t nuclear explosion related.
  2. Get camping stuff. In case you need to escape to the great outdoors and you’re going to be living outdoors for a spell our using public facilities like parks when civility and human decency break down in your city, you’ll need some basic things to make living life outdoors easier, like having a means to pee and poop (see basic outdoor amenities for such a time as this lol). If you’re planning on escaping the city, you make your escape successful. Eating utensils, pots, pans, charcoal, tents, tarps, or whatever you’ll need to live in the elements regardless of the time of year. I like to shop at the Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s the Sportsman Warehouse, and Amazon for camping gear. Always comparison shop, but I am a sportsman so I’m partial to the sportsman outfitters. Make sure you’re ready for the outdoors. You don’t have to be outside and uncomfortable.
  3. Be able to cook without power. If you have food in your freezer when the power fails for more than a few hours in the city, you’ll want to have a method to cook to preserve and to ensure you don’t waste money. You may want to invest in something like a Sun Oven, a solar over which requires zero power or recharging. Other options include a Coleman Camp Oven, or maybe even individual little folding stoves you can use with Sterno or other chaffing fuel. If you are living in a Brownstone kind of deal with a small backyard, you may even want to consider options like a Dutch Oven Cooking Table so that you can cook your food on hot coals. You an a neighbor could have the costs and share it as needed. You don’t have to go it alone, and you shouldn’t. Don’t forget you’ll need cast iron cookware, so please invest in it now while it’s reasonable. I recommend trying to stay away from anything that requires lots of fuel, as you may not have access to it, and you may have difficulties storing it. Think about how you’ll cook in a crisis, then purchase accordingly.
  4. Have a plan for no heat. If you live where it gets cold and it snows in the winter months, what is your plan? If you live in an apartment building in the city where when there is no power, you’re on your own. Pitching a tent in the middle of your home and sleeping inside of it fully clothed in multiple layers with your family may keep you all warm and alive during the frigid winter months. Folks will be trying to do all mannerism of nonsense to keep warm in their city dwellings, including using fire hazards. Look for safe portable heating options with affordable fuel options that can be stored now. Think now about the ways you can safely stay warm in the winter. Stock up on hand warmers, wool socks and other outdoor technology meant to keep you safe in fridged temperatures. Thick caps/hats, gloves, and safe portable heaters may also be options. Shop thrift stores first. Army/Navy surplus next, then look online for what’s on sale.
  5. Get those radiation pills. Nuclear threats, wars and rumors of wars are everywhere. Make certain you have radiation pills and know what to do just in case there is nuclear fallout. Nuclear fallout is another reason you’ll need to have a plan to remain indoors in a big city SHTF scenario. Get your houses in order today. Plan, plan, plan.
  6. Have fire protection and clean up from around your property. I know this one is difficult for city dwellers depending on the type of housing you live in, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t even have a fire extinguisher in their homes. If looting is going to take place and you live close business districts, you don’t want to have anything flammable that can be used to start fires outside of your home or that could actually start a fire at your home. Keep around your property clean. Trim/prune hedges. Make sure if you have wooden fences connecting properties in your back yard you have some type of metal barrier between the house and wood to prevent the house from catching on fire or make sure the wood fence isn’t attached to your home. If your neighbor’s house is on fire, your house may eventually burn as well. Get a few fire extinguishers in case neighbors don’t have any. Firemen likely won’t be coming in case of a fire during chaos. You may have to be your community’s firemen/woman.
  7. Have a “go” backpack or bag for each person in your house. Everyone in your home should have a go back in case you need to leave the city immediately with enough stuff packed in it for at least three (3) days. I’m a country lady so I am not giving you a zombie apocalypse bag list of things to buy. I realize at this stage of the game it’s late and things are more expensive because of inflation but try to put together a bag of things you’ll need in case your city gets off the chain. Just know there are lots of good things on the list in the link above to put in a go bag. Don’t forget they need to be modified to accommodate each person. Don’t put maxi pads in the baby’s go bag. Every bag should care for each person.
  8. Buy lots of canned goods and store them properly. Buying canned goods for long term sheltering is a safe bet. When buying them, be sure to check the expiration dates before leaving the store. Lately stores have been a little shifty selling us old stuff. Buy lots of canned goods and dried meats, canned or jarred veggies low in sodium, crackers, peanut butter and jelly dried veggies, protein bars bottled waters and drink mixes that may prevent dehydration. Put some canned goods in each go bag or have a kit with your to-go products ready to grab in the event you need to evacuate your home to shelter elsewhere. Also, make sure you buy things you’ll eat. If you have critters (bugs, rodents) in your building, buy food grade buckets with proper lids to store your packaged items to ensure they are available when you need them. I know those critter things come with city life. I’ve seen a city rat.
  9. Have lots of bottled water. In many down grid scenarios, cities may not be able to provide its residents clean, safe water. Life straws, bottled water, water filters, and water purification tablets are going to be helpful to prevent illness. Don’t think cities are going to be concerned with providing you clean water. The people running those jobs may quit or decide not to take the risk to come into the city to ensure you have clean water. Think self-sufficiency. Think no one is coming to save you. You live in a failed state. Have a way to purify your own drinking water. Each person needs at least 2 gallons of water per day according to some estimates. Know folks don’t care about water until they don’t have any.
  10. Have meds on hand. Have all sorts of medications on hand for stomach aches, diarrhea, headaches, inability to sleep, allergies, cuts and scrapes, first aid, etc. You may not be able to go out.
  11. Self-protection. It’s self-explanatory. If you’re not going to protect yourself, no one else will. Even if it’s nothing but a knife or a machete, have something to intimidate an intruder and know how to use it. Get and keep a self-protection state of mind, especially if you’re single or a little older/weaker. You never know who has been watching you as future prey. Police will be used to protect the city’s/government’s interests. You will be an afterthought.
  12. Contact your extended family members out of town. Call them country cousins and have a meetup. Go see grandma in the country and spend time with her. Reach out to family down South to see if they have room for family in the event the city gets too rough. Make sure to plan for your stay and be a help, especially if you have a lot of children. Don’t burden family with unexpected responsibilities. Also, prep family if you’re going to stay with someone. You can’t take over other folks’ homes. Don’t make things more stressful than they already are.
  13. Scout out food sources outside of your city. Do you know how you’ll eat in the event city stores are no longer stocked to support the large numbers of people? I recommend non-traditional food supply chains. Local co-ops, international markets, and maybe even have routes to get out of town to shop in less populated places should be in our city dwelling SHTF plans. Don’t forget to go far enough out so not to overrun the locals. Plenty of people will have the same ideas you have about shopping.
  14. Prepare for layoffs. If you’re not employed in a career field in demand or able to work from home, you may lose your job soon. Do you have a plan? Are you able to transition? Have you considered you may have to do anything to make ends meet, even work multiple jobs? Have a plan for if you lose your job when the poo hits the fan. Do you have items to barter with? I have no clue what city folks stuck in high rises and those without personal transportation may need or want, but this is the time for city dwellers to be thinking about things they can buy to have for hard times. Use any extra money you have wisely.
  15. Have a plan to get informed. If the internet and cell service is out, how will you communicate to let family and friends know you’re okay? Having lived in a hurricane zone, it’s hard to communicate when phone service goes out. Consider maintaining a hard land phone line that’s NOT linked to broadband (if that is even possible anymore these). For those of us with loved ones in the city, we also need to consider plans on how we’ll communicate with family members in the city if there is a grid down scenario. You may want to get radios or develop some other form of communication to safely communicate in the event of SHTF. Also, have a weather radio or some other means to get info about what’s happening in your area. Do your research and buy what’s best for you, in your budget, and your city. Also invest in a crank radio.
  16. Buy flashlights, candles, headlamps, and other lights. You will need to see. Don’t take for granted you’ll always have power and lights. Stock up on candles on sale, even the stinky ones. They are good to barter with too.
  17. Get things to occupy kids. Kids will need toys, books, games, and other things to keep them occupied. School may be cancelled, so have a plan to teach and entertain kids at home.
  18. Create a mutual aid group. City folks need to connect with other likeminded folks interested in surviving. It’s good to not be alone in times of trouble. More heads mean better ideas. Get together before something happens to map out all the what ifs. Do dry runs so that you’ll be ready.
  19. Don’t trust the government will help you. Remember Hurricane Katrina, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands? Get your mind right. They will leave you behind, especially if you’re not wealthy and white.
  20. If you’re practicing any faith, have the word in written form. Your tablets and phones may cease to work and in times of trouble, have hard copies of your faith’s guiding principles. I have several hard copies of Holy Bibles and other study guides in case things get tough. Better hide the word in your hearts and heads though. Holy books may be a thing of the past soon if we’re going to a one world system.
  21. Consider grow lights and seed starter kits. In case you can’t leave home and you live in a high rise, have a grow light, seeds and materials to grow veggies indoors. Micro greens are easy and can provide good nutrition for your family. Start doing your research today and begin prepping items to shelter in place for a few days or weeks. If Covid has taught us anything it’s that we need to be ready, always keeping things on hand for just in case.
  22. Look out for elderly neighbors. I know in cities there are huge pockets of old people who just can’t let go of that city life. They live alone and their children or other relatives may not be able to get access to them in case of an emergency. Talk to your senior neighbors. Include them in your plans. Figure out what you can do for each other to weather tough times, and even if they don’t have much, look out for the elderly. You’ll be blessed for it. Find out what they need and help them prepare as well. Sometimes seniors are so heavenly bound they are not focused on what’s happening here on earth today. They lose track of time. Catch them up and help them out.
  23. Pay attention to store shelves. In the city deliveries may start getting slacker with fewer things city dwellers need to survive. Make sure you’re beefing up preps if you’re living in the city. Order what you can online if you can and make sure you’re ready to be hunkered down in the event there is chaos or a natural disaster.
  24. Be ready for anything. Be ready for floods, power outages, plagues, locusts, pestilences, famines, internet failure, severe weather, monkey pox, Covid strain #2456 (I just made that up don’t report me), nuclear disasters, collapsed power grid, or dirty water.
  25. Know the FEMA Regions. Knowing the different regions is important for a variety of regions. TRUST ME, you NEED to know as much as you can about FEMA if you live in the city.
  26. Locate local farmers and markets to shop. Know where the local food sources are. They could be a good distance away from your home. Start making relationships now so that when things get bad you will have already forged relationships. Try Local Harvest to see what’s in your state.
  27. Eat out less. The prices for eating out are becoming unreasonable these days. It is indeed less expensive to eat at home now than it is to eat a good hot meal out. This is the time to save money and put back for rough times. Also, I’ve found since the pandemic began, food, especially processed food, is much saltier than it used to be. I’ve been saying they’re trying to kill as many of us as they can, in as many ways as they can, as fast as they can. Food is the number one way to get’er done. Cook more whole foods at home. Eat out less.
  28. Change your mindset. You need to get into survival mode too. You don’t have to be as doom and gloom as the Armageddon preppers are, but you do need to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with yourselves city folks. If a major conflict breaks out in this nation, major cities are targets for a variety of reasons. You may be close to military bases. Some large cities are national and international financial and trading hubs. Crippling large cities means disabling air travel for millions of travels nationally and internationally. Your city may be chosen because of the types of people our society places in high regard. Be ready for whatever.

In Conclusion

Whatever the reason, city folks, you all need to be on high alert and have plans to navigate some of the what ifs of being trapped in a city. You are the help you’re going to be waiting for. This no time to keep socializing, spending money frivolously and hanging out with folks who won’t be able to assist you in times of crisis. Stop spending money on superficial stuff that won’t matter in times of chaos. It’s time to understand you’re living in a collapsing society.

At this point it doesn’t matter who did what. All that matters is that you’re going to be in trouble once the powers and principalities that be hit that switch.

And for those of you living in the DMV (the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas), I’m going to need you all to really take heed to this message. You’re too close to the nation’s Capital to be ignoring what’s going on in the world. If you have the means and ability to leave, do so. Don’t wait until it’s too late. You don’t wanna be stuck locked down above ground while your elected officials are tucked safely in underground bunkers with multiple years' worth of food, clean air, and other essentials to survive whatever may come. They don’t care about what happens to you. All they want is for you to not violently oppose them.

As long as you stay home, quiet, and away from them, they’ll be happy. Rowdy, angry citizens mean chaos in cities.

I know people are beating up folks living in large, heavily populated cities because they can’t leave. They are all over you guys on YouTube bashing you. It’s mostly people in the dominant society or those with very close ties to it in some way, but that’s another story for another day. Those who can pointing fingers at those who cannot is privilege. Do the best you can with what you have.

Some of these old evil devils may not survive themselves despite their best intentions.

I know many Black folks and poor folks living in large metropolitan cities are likely going to be stuck, so they’ll need to have solid plans on how to navigate these difficult times. You don’t have to just sit around waiting to die. Living should be your first order of business.

Connect with likeminded folks and create a mutual aid group to survive difficult times should they hit your city. No one needs to be alone during these times.

Lastly, be patient and be kind to one another. Everyone is stressed, frustrated and tired. Don’t do or say anything you can’t take back. Avoid hot heads looking to start trouble. It’s really not worth having any contact with the police or the government at this point. Less is more.

Work on preserving and mending friendships. Drop dead weight. Get rid of bad friends and people who take you for granted. Love the people who love you, and remember love isn’t just about words, love is about actions, showing the people you care about you love them. Fortify good relationships now. And put away childish things, like playing video games. If they aren’t teaching you how to survive living in a failed state, I suggest you put it down and read a book or two about something more relevant to surviving hard times. This is no time to be a couch potato, incapable of helping your family during difficult times.

Doing “it” later may not be an option son. Learn to take care of business today.

Take care, be well, and if anyone has anything helpful to add to the conversation for people living in the city, please share it below. Be a resource to those who may not be aware of life-saving options. I love my people and I want us to be well.

Marley K. 2022



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