Clearly you’re new here Stephanie and you don’t know America history, if you’re America that is. I suggest you visit my page and read my work if you’re interested in antiracism. If you’re interested in just protecting and insulating Whiteness while centering your perceived injuries, please go elsewhere. I don’t coddle. Nor do I varnish truths. If you’re more concerned about the all White people than the victimization of Black and Brown people, you’re a problem dear. A huge one!

Lastly, I didn’t say all. If you have reading comprehenision you’d see I didn’t say all White people. I just said White people. If you’re White AND offended, take that up with White Jesus. I didn’t convict you. You convicted yourself.

I don’t generally do disclaimers, because my readers already know I don’t mean all White people when I say White people. White people are the biggest offenders of racism in America. In fact, they are the architects of our racism. If you wanna be mad at anyone, direct your anger at White people, the very people you’ve come here to defend.


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