Coincidences hardly! Someone must have known Trump’s family. They sound like upscale gypsies to me.

Ah…My old home state and that strong wall of prejudice. The only benefit is you know the deal, and I greatly appreciate that living in today’s climate. Most people up North have never been exposed to the types of blatant racism, White Privilege and Supremacy we’ve experienced. There is no forgetting who is in charge. It’s documented with reenactments, monuments, civil war and confederate war statues and memorials, and the smell of the old antebellum south never leaves for some. Most of the White Southerners here a few generations are very predictable. Here wrong is right and right is wrong, and that’s the way they like it. lol

It’s like learning how to live with functionally mentally ill people. It’s quite taxing, but as long as you know there is a problem in their heads, it makes it a little better. Thanks for reading.

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