Congratulations. There is nothing wrong with changing and acknowledging you were tricked. I have been a life long Dem and decided to become an Independent although I can say without a doubt I’ll never vote for this GOP walking the earth as it exists today for all the reasons you identified. What’s sad is that it takes people so long for many people to realize their ways have harmed so many and are bad for the nation. I’m not even sure how any minority could feel comfortable in today’s GOP as with all the overt racism. I guess they feel passing and appeasing will make them better. It won’t.

The GOP ideology is rooted in the Civil War Era. America has changed, and the party seems like they are hell bent on destroying the nation. I hope more people like you take the leap and leave. At least become an Independent. As long as those who hate it stay and vote with them no matter what, it’s consent that they can continue with their current behavior.

I’m happy you’ve come to recognize the disconnect between the GOP and what America truly is. And while the Dems aren’t the perfect party by no means, they are meek babies compared to the Grand Wizards leading the GOP.

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