Why The MAGA Confederacy of Dunces Plan To Hijack Local School Boards

Hijacking school boards are a part of the GOP’s masterful slow-moving coup of America’s institutions. Black parents should be planning for the worst.

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More School Board Meeting Opposition On The Way. Allies Are On Vacation

Public education should not just be the concern of parents with children enrolled in schools. Public education and what’s happening at school board meetings should be a concern of every person in every community. Without schools, communities die. If children and parents don’t feel safe, they’ll leave to find places that make them feel safe. White schools were supposed to be where the good education is. The truth of the matter is good schools are where the good racism resides. If you had any doubt, the school board meetings over the past few months have removed all of it. MAGAs and Q Zombies are taking over school board meetings, and there is little being done to stop the shenanigans.

The Cracker’s Last Stand in the nation’s Capital wasn’t the end of Republican coup efforts, it was just the beginning. The coup is going as planned. It’s slow, it’s concise, and touching every aspect of society necessary to make the successful transition into a complete autocracy.

The original role of public education was meant to train White students to become skilled workers while teaching them the traditional core academic disciplines. Black children were never meant to benefit from the public (state) education nor were Black parents supposed to have the power to influence educational curriculum choices. That’s the core problem no one will admit. It’s a problem racists are trying to correct. It’s the reason for all the school board aggression.

Taking over public education is the way the autocracy will program our children, and our children are the future. Black children won’t be exempt from this programming. Inferiority is baked into educating Black children. It’s not the overt displays of displeasure you’ll have to worry about. It’s quiet, behind the scenes abuse, neglect, meddling, and redirection that will be a problem for Black parents. Those efforts will have a devastating effect on the Black community for generations without some interventions to respond to the forthcoming threats. The school board coups are so bad, the feds have been asked to get involved to determine if school board threats can be considered domestic terrorism after all these months.

The things White folks can get away with are amazing.

No one seems to be willing to do anything about the Confederacy of Dunces. These bullies have been left to their own devices and antics unchallenged by the “alleged” good White people of the dominant society.

My question is where are all those allies? This is White folks’ business. White folks are supposed to be using their proximity and connections to do good works on our behalf. The White saviors aren’t saving.

It’s times like these when Black folks get to see just how little support we have and just how disconnected the so-called good White people are from countering racism and White Supremacy.

The recent bombardment of school board meetings with insane MAGA and Q Zombies fighting with public officials against mask mandates, Critical Race Theory opposition is insanity. The Confederacy has engaged in the harassment of school board officials at their homes. This type of intimidation is how fascism takes root, maintains its foundation, and is permitted to educate millions of young minds to either become future racists or victims of racism for centuries to come.

If White folks want to know part of the reason they know absolutely nothing about race today and why they really cannot dictate what is and what is not racist when it comes to the realities of White Supremacy for others, take a look around at the opposition to students learning about early American history. White people are literally fighting for their children to remain in the dark about how White Supremacy harms others and how they use it to their advantage. White people did the same thing after slavery as well as during the Civil Rights Era before segregation was outlawed by the Supreme Court.

White opposition to Black progress is American, so is White tolerance of White intolerance.

What we are witnessing right now in America are millions of so-called good White people do nothing as their racist friends, husbands, brothers, pappies, sisters, mothers, and in-laws attack school boards to continue misleading and erasing real-time information on systems of oppression in America which could be helpful to our children.

Black children need to understand why their teachers don’t like them, why schools they attend aren’t funded equitably, and why parents have to give them the talk. White children need to understand the privileges they have, the implicit biases their parents and communities indoctrinate them with, and how this society was built for them and their families. Folks not understanding the world of racism/White Supremacy has had real-life implications for us all.

It’s one of the reasons we live in a failed state.

While Black parents need to be preparing for the onslaught of racism, division, and lack of support by school officials, I’d also like to take a moment to call into question the character of good White allies at this time.

Where ya’ll at? These are the fights you can use your power and privilege to challenge racists and be heard/seen. You could be lending your voices and bodies to show support to the good members of the school boards and support the twos and fews of parents trying to take a stand against the MAGA zombies.

Why haven’t good allies figured out how to counter racism any better yet?

Haven’t ya’ll White folks been buying up all the antiracism books which allegedly signified the changes in your attitudes on understanding racism better? Are you guys reading those books, and if you are, where ya’ll at? Why is it that you need a special invitation and a special activism guide for things you can’t benefit from to stop wrongdoing by your own people? I’m really not understanding what’s wrong here. Do you realize the empire once known as the West is crumbling? I cannot understand why you White folks have yet to understand.

Don’t you realize your kids are going to be impacted too by this?

What I do understand is we can’t trust White people, we can’t rely on White people, and White people will not be in this movie saving anyone. This is a Blaxploitation film. White folks are sitting this one out.

Black children will be in danger at one of the places they should be the safest, and that’s the schoolhouse. The inactions of allies, the government, and community members present a huge threat to Black lives. When Black people say we’re all we got it’s because we know deep down we’re really are all we got.

White People Refuse To Take Care Of White Folks Business

White Supremacy is a White folk problem. White people opposing education about their ancestors and their nation are White issues impacting Black people is a lie problem. This White empire is falling apart like stale crackers as because it wasn’t founded on the proper principles. After all this time, the dominant group in power still hasn’t figured out how to live with others without subjugating them to their barbaric ways. This fight about Critical Race Theory in public schools, a fight about a subject not taught in public schools mind you, is nothing more than another test by racists elites of the dominant society to exploit another weak spot in our society.

These racists also understand whoever controls the educational system of the people controls the minds of the people. If you’re looking to start programming young people to become accustomed to propaganda, taking over public education is the way to go.

Dissent, coups, lies, and erasing history have all been normalized by the dominant society.

All good White folks have to do is keep staying at home waiting on a politician to save them, putting up those Halloween decorations, buying up all the toilet paper and Tide Pods, and believe you can wait until it’s time to vote to fix this in 2022 and 2024 to usher in fascism/Nazism. What do apathetic White people have to lose anyway, regardless of the position they take? Their kids, grandkids, cousins, nieces, and nephews are White. The good Whites will just blend in with the bad ones after the coup has been successfully completed, the ethnic cleansing(s) has taken place, and they’ve re-segregated themselves back into one big ole White enclave.

Today racists are storming the nation’s capital and school board meetings, tomorrow it’ll be ethnic cleansing. The lines are blurred now, things are happening quickly, yet slowly, and White folks seem to be none the wiser.

Black folks ain’t got time for that. We need to be able to yank our kids in a heartbeat or remove them from racist institutions at the slightest hint of trouble.

White America’s need to subjugate and dominate everything while turning a blind eye to the suffering of others is on full display. Sadly, the world has its own fires to put out in part due to America’s doctrines and ideologies in pursuit of being the greatest superpower in the world. The rest of the non-White world doesn’t have the White savior syndrome the West has. They are minding their business watching the old bully fall and fail, so when it comes to protecting Black schoolchildren, Black parents need to understand we are on our own. Plan B is you.

You better believe if White parents are acting out in the streets, they are acting out in front of their children. Black people must be willing to step up and give our children the educational experiences and supports they need and deserve, free of racial animosity and aggression. What that looks like and what that means to Black parents who have fought for over a century to have the same rights and access to public service as Whites may differ, but what I do know is doing nothing is not an option.

Black Children Deserve To Be Educated, Protected, Respected, Like Other Children

America’s system of inequity is strong, intact, and not going down without a fight. Black children don’t stand a chance in this new, more overtly racist and intolerant environment. Race is a politicized social construct designed to keep Blacks at the bottom, no matter what we do. Somehow we’ve managed to survive and thrive, but it’s time for this generation to fight again to maintain that or choose a different course if we see the one we’re on isn’t good for us at this time. As White people begin to feel the effects of their own choices politically, per usual, they’ll take their aggression out on anyone and everyone, including our beautiful Black children.

Black parents need to begin considering the future consequences of integrated public education. Staying in spaces where you’re not wanted can be dangerous to your family. Our kids deserve to have an education free of racism/White Supremacy, bigotry, and intimidation. I have written before about the impact desegregation has had on the lives of Black children across the nation over the past 50 years.

As a people, we need to begin asking ourselves if an integrated educational opportunity is worth the emotional well-being and possibly physical abuse of our children. While I believe a good education is essential to becoming a well-rounded individual in any society, the term “good” in America is often code for White. People often talk about the good education systems America has, but they don’t talk about how every child doesn’t have access to one. Black people know all too well about how these systems work and don’t work for us.

The more access we have to White folks’ good things, the more discrimination we must encounter, and at the end of the day to me, it’s simply not worth it.

As I get older and reevaluate some of the decisions I’ve made in my life, I’ve always regretted my pursuits of attempts to fit into the dominant society, including moving into areas where my kids had access to more affluent educational opportunities. Those opportunities caused my children to encounter more racism than I’d encountered as a kid. My children are still scarred by the comments from educators, the mistreatment by White coaches, the efforts to redirect their educational attainment paths, and the constant fight to have access to opportunities to get the classes they needed for college. They don’t have many good things to say about their K-12 years.

Many Black parents don’t understand Black students are often redirected into different educational paths from the ones we’ve chosen for them from the moment they set foot into the American public school system. For some school systems, our kids are merely Black butts in seats (school funding) which means jobs for teachers and administrators. The poorer our kids perform, the more money a school district receives.

Additionally, businesses look to relocate and expand their business interests in communities with high educational attainment levels which are mostly suburbs and where good White people happen to live. The bottom line is educational attainment influences workforce development. When our children aren’t learning in safe environments where they feel love and respected, they cannot retain what’s being taught, therefore attainment is damned near impossible. White communities benefit when they don’t have us in their schools. It’s why they have access to better job opportunities. To top it all off, who influences education and workforce development, the very same people bitching about mask mandates and Critical Race Theory.

The dominant society is on a mission, and Black parents aren’t ready for the real-life implications of their evil plans.

Intimidating school board officials and taking over school board meetings is a part of the refining and realigning of White Supremacy. I took this mini-detour on how our system works to show Black parents how racism is baked into the whole thing and how racists use politics, intimidation, erasure of their history, and threats to ensure inequity remains in place.

Are Black parents really wanting to deal with this kind of nonsense for another 100- years?

Black children deserve to be loved, safe, protected, cherished, and taught in educational environments that teach the truth and produces results. Our babies deserve to be directed into pathways that will allow them to be self-sufficient adults, no matter what career track they choose. They deserve to be overseen by people, who understand White Supremacy, and who will do everything in their power to ensure Black kids are able to close wealth and educational attainment gaps with few disruptions. This will never happen as long as we wait on White people to get their shit together, and I’m not interested in sacrificing another generation of Black children to say they had a good White education.

Black people are fully capable of educating our own children, Black people are more than capable of being elected to school boards to ensure our children have representation speaking for them, and Black children deserve advocates in school board meetings who can go toe-to-toe with the loudest, most ridiculous racist as well as the most silent and apathetic good White person. Black parents must be in these spaces if their children are going to be educated in public school settings. If you’re willing to stick your kid in a good school system, you need to be willing to get in the faces of racists obstructing your goals. So, I pose the question to those who understand our youth are our future, and equity in America will never happen by accident.

What do we do? How do we counter the racism/White Supremacy we’re countering? I have some suggestions on what we can do to ensure MAGA and Q Zombies don’t catch us slipping.

Solutions To Counter School Board Coups

  1. More Black people need to run for school board positions in your local districts. Pay attention to those school board members currently seated. Investigate their records, and challenge any officials who are racist, apathetic, or incapable of protecting our kids. Every state has a school board association (i.e., here, here, and here), find yours and begin weighing whether or not a run is possible. If you don’t think you’re a good fit, locate someone in the district who is. School boards across the nation need more Black members and members of color, period. Oftentimes, school board officials run unopposed for several cycles. Unseat the useless, and advocate for the defenseless. Stand with those who are standing for our children. No school board member afraid to address racism, racial discrimination, anti-Blackness, White Supremacy, or fascism should remain seated in my opinion, I don’t care what color they are!
  2. Get back to the basics. Some Black parents may opt-out of the public school hatefests by homeschooling which could require downsizing, and/or readjusting their households to accommodate home school options or it could require relying on trusted family members to help out with family educational endeavors. If you can’t afford to do so I clearly understand (no judgment here), but if you can’t you need to prepare your children for this generation of racists being funneled through your local schools' systems. Most importantly, believe your children when they tell you someone is not treating them well and get right on it. This reassures your child they are loved, respected, and cared for. Don’t ignore racism and hate. I also realize homeschooling isn’t for everyone, especially families with children who have special needs in need of specialized care. For families who have been considering homeschooling but putting it off because of the work and oversight required, think about it this way. Your children are your greatest asset despite what our backward society says. Homeschooling in your area could be the way to go. See examples here, and here.
  3. Creating Black charter school systems. I have met many Black educators and administrators over the years who love education but hate public school education systems because of all the built-in racism/White Supremacy, disrespect, demoralization, and mental gymnastics required to work in the field. Additionally, they are often chastised for treating Black and Brown kids well. Having charters schools definitely isn’t easy, especially when school districts see those schools as enemies instead of alternatives. The charter school option may not be the route to go for many, but it is a route. Black parents, churches, and educators in communities around the nation should begin researching alternatives, funding sources, interests, and start getting things in order in the event there is a reason children need to be placed in safer educational settings free of racism, fear, intimidation, and White violence. Learn more about charter schools and possible options here.
  4. Creating Black PACS (Political Action Committees). Black people need to learn how politics work beyond voting if they plan to utilize public systems which I am in full support of because this system takes and uses our tax money to do things for other groups they never do for us. Having Black PACS with strong, politically astute strategists and fearless Black activists can help counter White Supremacists attempting to take over all political offices unchallenged, including school boards. Remember, we’re all we got, and we can no longer rely on White politics to solve Black problems. Black PACS can create Black agendas, develop the messages we want, and advocate the interests of Black children and communities. Study how PACS work and learn if they are a viable option for your community here. Forming lobbying groups may also be a great option.
  5. Create Black Parent Advocate Groups. We know we are stronger in numbers. Black parents planning to use public school systems going forward should create groups inside of groups to address grievances, discrimination, a lack of diversity, book and curriculum review, school lunch, teacher performance and behavior, and other issues within school districts impacting Black children and families. School board meeting attendance should be happening on a regular to get your groups’ concerns on the record. Talking to the media and talking to the recorder or secretary at the school board meeting about things going on are two different things. Showing up means you care. Have parents in attendance monthly as well as other relatives who can stand in the gap in case parents must work. Also, request to participate in the district strategic planning process and decisions about major changes. Decisions that impact us most we’re often excluded from. Strategize and make your presence known.
  6. Take Turn Sitting In Classrooms. I didn’t work outside of my home when my kids were in high school. My ex-husband and I made compromises so that we could live with less. By doing so, I was able to deal with all that comes with raising three Black sons in high school. I would randomly show up (with my children’s blessing of course) to sit in on problem educators, especially ones espousing anti-Black political views, and I regularly sat on other school functions like PTO meetings, school advisory council meetings, and other things where Black parents tend to not frequent. I never went to the school to be an ass, only to observe, but when something wasn’t right, I made sure I spoke up. Schools get away with what we allow them to. Talk to your kids about school, take time off to visit those classrooms, and engage. Visibility means everything.
  7. Help candidates fundraise and get out the vote. Local elections matter a lot more than national politics. The people sitting on school boards also control workforce development efforts in your region. Support candidates who understand the needs of Black children and who can articulate them in writing and verbally. Make sure school board officials have Black agendas. Gaps don’t just disappear on their own. You don’t have to run for public office, but finding good people and supporting them is just as important. It takes money to run, and sometimes a few good ads, mailers, or money for gas to show up to public events in the district can make the difference between getting a good candidate and getting a Mitch McConnell or Marjorie Turner Greene. Money makes the world go round, and to get people into office who support our children, we need to be willing to kick out money regularly. What we invest in financially speaks to what we deem valuable. Our Black children are priceless. Let’s act like it.

The Coup Is Still Happening People

Remember, White Supremacy plays both sides as America falls and fails. On one hand, the dominant society is busy trying to spin what’s happening to America to keep our panic from destroying the rest of this failing old empire, and on the other hand, the dominant society is busy using every White body, tool, and trick, to achieve their goals during the Great Reset. Controlling what we learn, how we learn, and how we see the world is vital, and co-opting our educational system is essential. The MAGA Confederacy of Dunces and Q Zombies are working overtime on behalf of the GOP and the elites of the dominant society.

Some members of the MAGA Confederacy and Q Zombies working to help with the slow-moving coup are willing but clueless, programmed by propaganda sanctioned by the federal government. Other members are greedy fuckers looking for power, prestige, kickbacks, contracts, or other forms of currency. Even apathetic White folks gain something for doing nothing. Playing it safe and playing dead when it comes to opposing/countering White Supremacy has its rewards too.

The real deal is that a lot of White folks in America just plain old hate Black people and other non-White people and they want things they were during slavery, when White folks had all the power, controlled everything, and we could nothing about it. They don’t have to hide the fact anymore.

Regardless of participants’ reasons for engaging in any sort of coup at any level, just think, White people in this country are still anti-Black despite this country having been around four-hundred plus years, slavery ending in 1865, and Jim Crow ending in 1968 when the Supreme Court struck down housing discrimination. This nation has found all sorts of ways to allow the dominant society to perpetuate hate. Black parents need to be on high alert as things begin to get a little more aggressive leading up to the next election cycle. These are simply tests. There is no more elastic in this system. It’s soon going to break.

Black parents need to think long and hard about the state of our educational systems and the efforts of the Confederacy of Dunces to take over school boards. We have few remedies working that could work in our favor, but we gotta work them. If you’re in a school district that’s fine and all is well, great, but that may not be the case next year or in 2023 as more White Supremacists look for ways to take over our systems.

While the mainstream media calls this zombie apocalypse a fringe minority, let me remind readers more than 159,633,396 Americans voted in 2020. That’s the largest total voter turnout in U.S. history and the first time more than 140 million people voted. Trump won 74,222,958 votes, or 46.8% of the popular vote while Biden won 81,283,098 votes or 51.3% of the popular vote.

The MAGA message and all it stood for was popular. The feelings about the MAGA platform supporters haven’t gone anywhere. As we all can see, the feelings are stronger than ever. Those folks loyal to Trump and his messaging will be energized to run for political office now because the bar is so damned low, and they’ll happily vote in local, statewide, and national elections to own libs. They are already flexing and no one it seems has been able to stop them. A fatal flaw of our system is the lack of pursuit of White crimes and the molasses pace to get through the criminal justice system. If candidates like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Mitch McConnell can be elected for national office, only God knows what kind of people can get elected in small towns, cities, and municipalities.

We need to start asking ourselves is chasing a good education in White settings really going to be good for the health and wellbeing of our children?

Do we really need to subject our youngest and brightest to school systems designed to make concessions with White Supremacists?

Should parents have to worry about what White educators are teaching their children daily, especially if our babies are the only Black children in classrooms?

These are questions we need to discuss in our communities free from the White gaze. The cold part of a hot race war is happening now, and many Black parents aren’t getting their lives in line and making plans to adjust should things get out of hand. When the coup happens, it will be too late. Plan, adjust, and prepare for an unstable future where our children’s educational attainment goals will be undermined. Seek out alternatives and be ready to pivot if necessary.

Just because America is going down doesn’t mean our children have to go with it. Black children will be the future of Black communities, but only if we center them. Centering requires sacrifice, and that sacrifice for many Black folks in our communities may require a few decades of our time, energy, knowledge, love, and money. If we don’t invest in our future now, we won’t have a future later.

Let us be forward-thinking and progressive. Let us be less tolerant of racism and White aggression as we have been in the past.

From the ashes of American failure, let us make space for Black children to rise, safely.

Marley K. 2021

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