Different times and different monsters call for different measures. Falsehood and lie both still mean the same thing when you get down to the root if it. In the age of normalizing lies as truths, twisting words and interpretations to suit King, Emperor, President Trump, I think the media has an absolute duty to inform us when we are being lied to by our government.

While using the word falsehood may preserve her professional career by making her a wordsmith, it does little to inform the people in a practical way about what is being sold to us as truth. Too many times journalists make us read between the lines to figure out what they were trying to say instead of coming out and saying it. When I was in elementary and middle school I was taught most newspaper stories were written so that a person with very little education could read and comprehend them.

Today we need a PhD to understand whether we are being lied to daily. The fact that we must go round and round the wagon about whether a report uses falsehood or lie to describe a blatant, intentional untruth is absurd. Tell me he’s lying. If it’s your job.

Lastly, Trump is a different kind of man. He’s a narcissist, with no empathy. He doesn’t care if you use nice words or if you shoot straight from the hip, his response will always be the same…and that’s contempt if you’re not speaking about him positively.

If you give him an inch, he’ll take a mile. The entire reason he is our President because the media and journalists decided to describe him a different way, not call his lies what they were… lies, and to play nice with a guy who has a reputation for never playing nice. Even when he was making up lies about Obama’s citizenship, the media never did their jobs to call him out for LIES. And here we are today still talking about Trump and lies 12 years later. It’s shameful.

America will lose because the media fails to speak truth to power. Journalists should keep in mind they too will be judged on how they reported on this season in America after screwing it up so royally from 2008–2017 on Trump and race in America. I’d be worried less about wordsmithing and pacifying a tyrant and worried more about helping the America people survive the daily gaslighting and lies served up by Trump.

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