Disclaimer: A Very Long Response

I know there are good white people who will do all the charitable, Christian stuff. I also realize some have White savior complexes, and some are just good to the bone and get it like you. But there are not enough of you. I just don’t understand White people. They are dumb when it suits them. Smart when they want to be. They know the Lord, Buddha, or whatever, yet they can’t connect the dots politically and socially to see how they are gatekeepers. It irks me to no end. How come they don’t know and understand the systems created by their ancestors, and why can’t they understand their privilege?

Black children come out of mom’s vaginas getting the “you’re Black” teachings because of the systems, racial castes designed by White folks. My frustration comes in waves lol.

Every day Blacks live, we must navigate traps, aggression, anti-Black sentiments, discrimination, and hate by not only Whites, but also by other groups Whites have indoctrinated with White Supremacy. So, I have zero chill waiting and hoping for White people to get it. Hopefully when I write White people can see the damage and change their ways/mind. My frustration doesn’t mean I won’t be good or kind to White people, I just know the majority will choose themselves over me, and I can’t allow myself to ever be unsafe by thinking otherwise. I love people. I love helping people. But when it comes to race, White people think differently, and they are predictable.

What I mean by saying I hope one day black people will wake up and reject capitalism, the American dream, etc., is that I hope we stop engaging in systems meant to exploit us.

Black people practicing/engaging in capitalism means we practice inequality. In order to engage in capitalism means in we must engage in trickery or exploitation, things that have been done to us since 1619. No matter what we try to do, there is exploitation involved. We made Wall Street, but America makes sure we never have enough money to get a piece of that pie. We are looked at as products.

For instance, have you ever spent the day listening to Black radio and watching Black television? If you haven’t, I’d ask you to. Look at how different commercials are on television for Whites and Blacks. The ads on Black television are pretty predatory. Pay day loans, pre-paid debit cards, J.G Wentworth, and all sorts of bull crap to exploit poor, ignorant, and naive people. They don’t play those commercials between shows Whites are watching. Everything geared towards us is about exploiting and extracting our money from us. Even college. For the longest, only for-profit scam colleges and universities ran ads on Black television and radio stations until the feds shut them down. Blacks trying to get an education to be upwardly mobile got pooped on.

You should really spend a few days looking at the differences between ads on Black Television, White television, then other networks (i.e. Spanish and Jewish tv). The same with radio. Most people don’t even understand what’s happening to us. At every turn we’re being exploited. Industries have found away to continuously profit from the poorest and most exploited Black people in the nation.

Black higher ed seekers got worthless degrees, loads of loan debt they can’t get rid of from those shady for-profit colleges, and no one will hire them because the degrees are trash. How do you pull yourself out of that? Our own government allowed it. Shareholders who invested in those loan companies lending to for-profit students are gonna make off like bandits, because these people will need to pay those loans to keep their credit good. How would Black people know these schools weren’t good? If the government allowed them to be accredited and receive federal money, they should’ve been good right? They targeted our communities, intentionally. Even Black celebrities get paid to help White folks exploit us. It’s a shame.

I worked in community college for nearly a decade at the height of these schools opening up and we would try to discourage students from attending them. I knew this day would come.

The reason I know the economy is going to collapse soon is because banks and lenders have started putting White lenders (including Banks of America) on Black radio stations trying to get them to buy houses with little money, “grants” to make down payments, and the same scams that causes the collapse in 2007–08. It’s the old first time home buyer scam again. It’s part of the nightmare we keep chasing. The keep dangling the carrot and snatching it away from us.

History keeps repeating itself and no one gets the memo. Blacks are America’s favorite target. As long as they keep us poor, enslaved, and distressed it seems Americans are happy. We are blamed for trying to pursue and achieve what Whites have, and when we fail because of trickery created by Whites, we are blamed. People chasing the dream of getting a good job and buying a home or land have their dreams dashed thanks to predatory capitalism. Blacks can’t afford to play that game. Blacks need to stop trying to be capitalists. We can win a game we never created. We can’t play a game that has always been designed to take away from us.

Blacks need to work together communally like the Mennonites or the Amish to take care of one another. We’re all we got. We need to create communities with practice tiered government systems and equal representation. Tribal communities have their own governments, so should we. We need our own sovereign territories free of American laws that were created to exclude us.

And jobs, White folks are the gatekeepers of jobs. Most times we must come through White HR professionals to get hired. There have been numerous studies to show how biased White employers are when it comes to hiring us. This type of gate keeping keeps us out of good employment opportunities, especially government opportunities. Black candidates can have more experience, better credentials, but the wrong first and/or last name. We can’t beat discrimination, yet we are told to try to.

We can’t win Sherry. Too many Americans like to be willfully ignorant. Too many people are selfish. Not enough people question how and why we are so far behind, and too many gatekeepers work to keep us broke down, uninspired, and beneath them. This is why I wish we’d excuse ourselves from America’s table.

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