Do you know how crazy this sound.

You’re telling me that it is my job to fix a problem I (we) didn’t create. Capitalism was created thanks to slavery by White people. You guys use it today to exploit not just Blacks, but poor and middle-class Whites too. We didn’t create racism, White people did it so they’d have a social order that made them superior to all others. We didn’t create redlining, gerrymandering, voter suppression, Black codes, slave codes, colonialism, separate and unequal, the War of Drugs, employment discrimination, unequal pay…

Sweetie, you are not going to guilt Black people and doing the work White people should be doing. Your ancestors created this issues, and today’s White folks and their descendants enable and sustain the inequality. White people need to read books not written by White people, and sit with Blacks and People of Color to learn about how White folks have harmed us.

Then go collect your White folks and fix yourselves. Take responsiblity for your actions and stop asking us to help you like you’re special needs children or crippled adults in need of help. There is nothing wrong with White people except you think we’re your help. We’re not.

Telling me I need to work with White people is like telling me to help my rapist stop raping me.

This ain’t it.

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