Drop the mic! You did THAT!

I just wrote something similar about how people who are not impacted by this administration’s bullshit seemingly don’t care about the harm done to others. I am not religious, so I could careless about America intervening in a 2,000 year old fight between Israel and Palestinians that have no impact on my livelihood. How do they help us? They don’t. They seek our tax dollars for help. Where is the care from the Jewish community about African American issues here in America? Who decided Israel took precedence? As a group, they are very silent.

Each hated group in America is so busy caring about their own, they forget there are other groups suffering the same harm by the same hands of Supremacy.

It’s very unfortunate this person quoted only cares about her ethnic group and her money, falling into the exact stereotype Supremacist have of Jewish folks. She is the most dangerous kind of citizen. She is not a Democrat. She is not a Republican. She is an obstacle to freedom. She represents death and not life. She has no concept of our interconnections. She’s selfish, and her words are a disgrace as they are a direct contradiction to her faith. It’s people like this woman who makes it bad for the rest of POCs. She’s as bad as Kanye.

What in the hell is wrong with people??

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