White People Determining Justice Is An Injustice To Us All

We can’t talk about justice unless we talk about the injustice of so many white folks having their hands on the scales.


The Judges In Both Cases Were White

In both cases, the judges were white and male. That’s a problem. In fact, in most cases of White Supremacy and human rights violations where Black people are concerned, the judges in the cases are white. Whiteness tips the scales of justice. America has had the same composition of judges since the nation’s criminal justice began, which is extremely problematic for moving the wheels of justice forward. When white people can’t or won’t see their own flaws and racial biases, it makes securing justice for Black people and other non-White folks involved in these systems seeking justice impossible.

Additionally, white judges found breaking the law and their oaths of office somehow get to remain on the bench. How is any of this just?

Most judges at the local and state levels are voted into power or often run opposed and they are overwhelmingly White. Most people vote to uphold racist systems, including voting for judges with terrible records of producing justice for Black people. Judges are a perfect example of how every day white people maintain White Supremacy, but they’ll argue me down defending themselves as good people. You’re not a white good person if you vote for racist judges. You’re not countering racism when you allow them to stay on the bench. It’s an injustice most white people have the power to do something about, yet won’t.

The Defense Attorneys Were White

In the Rittenhouse, McMichaels’ and William Bryan's criminal cases (The Ahmaud Arbery murders), they all had the white best defense attorneys white money could buy. And when money didn’t work or wasn’t available for the defense of the supremacists, the defense used the currency of whiteness to curry favor with the judges and the juries. In the cases of the McMichaels’ and William Bryan, even though they didn’t have a two million dollar defense fund like Rittenhouse, the defense attorneys knew the white men on trial knew they could count on the white judge to throw their clients a few bones as they tried and get their murderous, slave patrolling clients off for lynching a Black.

Again, white men with white skin are a currency that has been proven to work over and over again. While anyone can be a defense attorney, the white man connection is undeniable. The two high-profile cases demonstrated how white men work together in a system of White Supremacy.

Most attorneys in America are white, and that’s a huge problem for justice when the majority of America isn’t white anymore. Justice can’t be produced as long as white people have pipelines to retain power in the system of White Supremacy.

The Prosecutors Were White

In both cases, the prosecutors were white. Again, these are elected officials responsible for doing justice. The Prosecutor in the McDaniels ad Bryan case did a much better job than the Prosecutor in the Rittenhouse case, but the fact remains they were all white. White Supremacist defendants may still have a good chance of being not convicted when the prosecution is white. All they have to do is put together a shitty case for the state and it’s a wrap. Prosecutors in America are overwhelmingly white and wield a lot of power, including determining if a person gets justice.

Ahmaud Arbery’s mother had to fight to get justice for her son, which included fighting a locally corrupt criminal justice system. The previous white female prosecutor got busted last February for deciding not to do justice because McMichael, a former police officer, an investigator for the prosecutor’s office, and the prosecutor’s campaign manager for the upcoming election, called her after his son shot Arbery to death in the street.

A lot of attorneys connected to the prosecutor’s office literally stopped justice from happening in the Arbery case. The currency of whiteness was activated because the futures of all the whites involved in the obstruction came before the life and death of a Black man. The future of a white person will always come before the trauma of a Black man. This has been a recurring theme throughout this nation’s history.

Another thing of note is how a white woman, in this case, did her white male campaign manager a solid, refusing to press charges against him and his son. Whiteness has the power to determine who gets justice in this country. That’s a problem. The currency of whiteness has been undeniable over the past few weeks, and yet most people pretend not to see it in action, including white journalists and television pundits. They always seem to graze the surface on race so as not to offend their fragile white audiences which is nauseating to watch.

Both of these high-profile White Supremacy cases aren’t just about getting justice for victims of crimes (yes, they were victims). These cases were also about white systems, white institutions, and the white privileges of any and every white person in this country receive the moment they are born or from the moment they immigrate here.

White skin is a dangerous currency.

White people will even use their white currency as weapons when they know they’ve committed crimes to evade justice. If justice can be this easily manipulated, perverted, and subverted by any white person at any time, they definitely shouldn’t be in control of doing justice in this country.

What we’ve witnessed over the last couple of weeks in both of these high-profile White Supermacy cases is how the illegitimate system of White Supremacy works every day in a nutshell. The majority of prosecutors in America are White.

If you were only focusing on the victims of the crimes, you really missed the entire lesson. Both cases proved how literally nothing has changed in America where the system of White Supremacy is concerned. White Supremacy was practiced by all involved, and there were two different outcomes because white people had the power to do justice or not do justice.

White people who want to continue arguing about whether or not they have privileges are ignorant and beyond educating at this point, and I simply don’t have the time, energy, or desire to play psychological games about things that are so easy to see if someone wanted to see them.

The Juries Were Mostly White

As usual, in both cases, the juries were overwhelmingly white. Justice always goes through white people. There is simply no other way to put it. When the judge, defense, and prosecution can’t tip the scales, the juries often seal the deal in upholding the often invisible system of White Supremacy. Shockingly, the jury did justice in the Georgia lynching case, but mostly because the Prosecutor in the case didn’t build the case entirely about race despite it being entirely about race.

Discussing the history of race in criminal trials where White Supremacy is the subject seems to make too many white folks on juries uncomfortable which often causes them to retaliate with not-guilty verdicts. Because most white people don’t experience White Supremacy but practice it, they have a difficult time seeing what others experience daily living as a prisoner under the system. Jury makeup is a huge issue in the criminal justice system, and as long as white folks are pulling strings behind the scene to get the jury pools they want to get the outcomes white folks feel they deserve, we’re working with nothing more than a standardized system of injustice.

To me, that’s a problem.

You shouldn’t be in charge of justice when your worldview is so limited. It’s like giving a license to practice driving semi-trucks to people who read books on semis and never had any road time. White people should be given a series of implicit bias tests (one not designed by white folks) before being seated on a jury, and they should be screened for their own connections to White Supremacy thoroughly. It’s one of the many ways America could do justice better.

A jury of one's peers also should never be all white, especially if there are Black people and other non-white people residing in communities where the crimes are committed. Unfair jury pools make achieving justice impossible. The law on paper and the law practiced by the dominant society are totally different.

As long as Black people and other victims of White Supremacy must go through white juries to receive justice, nothing will ever change.

Can We Talk About The White Jury Consultant Industry?

The fact white people came up with industry to help defendants sway juries also demonstrates just how depraved White Supremacy is. A white jury consultant was used in the Rittenhouse trial, the same one used in the O.J. Simpson trial. While O.J. Simpson was a Black man on trial for killing a white woman, he had long money and a mostly white defense team which made all the difference in the world.

Trained ex-prosecutors help defendants prepare for cross-examination, helping to cheat the system. It’s a privilege most of us will never have access to. Jury consultant services are meant to pervert justice. It’s another tool of White Supremacy. You’re not doing justice if you’re cheating and playing psychological games to get it.

There Can Never Be Real Justice In America As Long As White Privilege Is A Legal Form of Currency

In order for America to have a true reckoning on race, there must be a reckoning on the justice system. Without justice and remedies for laws currently on the books which currently allow white people to subvert and pervert justice, we are only fooling ourselves into believing justice has been served. And while I realize many people are sitting around hoping things will change, you need to understand hope doesn’t change shit when it comes to the evil we call White Supremacy.

Acting to produce justice does. Justice and hope shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

Every white person involved in each of these high-profile White Supremacy cases had the power and privilege to uphold the system of White Supremacy. Why is that?

From the Supremacist judges' theatrics to jury selection, and even prosecutor misconduct, the attempts to throw each of these trials by one or more of the white people involved was nothing short of evil. Witnessing it was unbearable. America practices and normalizes injustice before the entire world with no shame, then has the audacity to meddle in the democracies and justice systems of other nations.

The past behavior of white people in America is the best determinant of their future behavior, and the past behavior has demonstrated white people are incapable of producing justice. They have no business being in charge of it.

White America ensures Black America doesn’t get the privilege of living in a real democracy because we are not able to select the governance we desire and we’re not capable of receiving justice because white people keep the cards stacked against us.

Think I’m lying, take inventory of America for yourself.

We can’t talk about justice unless we talk about the injustice of so many white folks having their hands on the scales preventing justice from occurring so frequently and for so long in America.

I’m not happy because Ahmaud Arbery got justice in this case because it was a fluke. The case could have easily gone left had Arbery’s mom not made a stink about the prosector’s decision to not charge the parties involved.

The system is racist, the players are racist, the institutions are racist, and all that racism is incapable of producing justice on a consistent basis. As far as I’m concerned, justice was a fluke. White people determining justice is an injustice to us all. Until individual white people recognize their roles in upholding this system, nothing changes.

Likewise, until Black people understand how this system works, they’ll continue believing we are making progress.

This ain’t progress honey. We have nothing to celebrate truth be told.

Our justice system is simply another arm of this criminal enterprise called America working to uphold an invisible, illegitimate system of dominance created to sustain white people and white power.

Until America learns how to do justice properly, nothing else matters.

Marley K., 2021



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