The State of the White Union: A Year-End Review of American White Supremacy

If you thought 2021 was bad, 2022 is going to be so much worse.

Photo by Aaron Kittredge from Pexels

My critique of the State of the White Union is a critique of White Supremacy and Whiteness in general. There will be no making exceptions for the forty-two and a half good White people scattered throughout this nation standing by Black folks and doing the right things to dismantle the system of White Supremacy at all times and not just when it’s convenient.

This thought is a collective critique of White people and of America. I know how much White people detest being grouped when it comes to being called out for the bad stuff because they are taught to be individuals. They don't see themselves as a problematic group of people collectively.

In this post, there will be no grace for Whiteness’ individualism because, at this juncture in the state of the world, it's senseless. Everyone knows the reason behind our failing state, even White people trying to pretend they don't know what's happening.

White people lying and pretending got us here. So did their apathy. As long as they weren’t being harmed directly, nothing mattered.

Doing nothing has a price tag. White folks' tabs have come due. Lying and pretending have backfired.

Pretending not to see. Pretending not to know what to do. Pretending to be incapable of doing anything about the bad White people among them. And fear.

White people being fearful of White people even if it means they’re going to die in the process is insane to me. Die now, die later, but White folks are always comfortable with death it seems.

They are comfortable or apathetic to the death of people.

Indifferent about the death of institutions essential to democracy.

They are apathetic to the death of their own nation.

White people in America have supported their own people from all walks and income brackets in being corrupt either by silence or by aiding and abetting those in power for decades to help them avoid detection and capture. What we’re witnessing today is the culmination of unsustainable Whiteness. They have done all the laws of nature can tolerate. The nation is tired. The earth is tired. Non-White people are tired. America is a failed state.

White criminals are running the country and it's worse than ever.

For example, the letter from Cy Vance, former Manhattan District Attorney in charge of all the Trump investigations in the Southern District of New York shows how all the White men in this nation are connected in some way. Vance sent Donald Trump a cover your ass letter in November 2016 after he’d won the Presidential Election that included coded language basically letting him know they were cool. Vance let Trump know he would be overlooking all his New York sins in exchange for future favors. The injustice of it all.

This is one of the millions of examples of ways White people collectively use code to stay on code, protect each other, their financial and social capital, as well as their places in the nation’s social hierarchy. Cy Vance strung America along like pimps do their young, naive sex workers, allowing this country to fall into complete collapse, and for what? His on personal gratification? His financial well-being? Personal safety?

This type of code, doing anything to preserve themselves at the expense of all others, is the code of nearly all White people. This is why America is in the state that it’s in.

We’ve witnessed criminals from the January 6th coup getting slaps on the wrist if they receive any punishment at all. The truth of the matter is most insurrectionists will likely never be caught. These criminals, while a little terrified about the possibility of the Feds showing up at their doors are emboldened by the lack of manpower and interest by the government in rounding them up. Insurrectionists have literally gotten away with trying to kill sitting national leaders, and those leaders have done nothing about it.

You better believe they’ll be back with a vengeance because that’s how White Supremacy works.

Most White people don’t in disciplining their own children. We’re going to live out loud what happens when you don’t teach rotten children lessons.

White Supremacy requires White violence to sustain it. Any White person pretending to be ignorant about this fact is not worth engaging anymore. It’s too late in the hour to play their psychological games.

America has never had the energy to rein in its White Supremacists. I don’t expect White folks running this country and the overwhelming majority of White voters to suddenly change now that it’s obvious a civil war is on the horizon. Change for someone else’s benefit isn’t what most White folks do, so we watch our quick decline into the graveyard of dead empires.

We’ve all witnessed White folks of all socioeconomic and political backgrounds behave in ways over the last two years that have astounded me. From fighting on airplanes, spitting on people in the middle of a pandemic, fighting police, and living to tell about it, colluding with groups and leaders to disenfranchise African American Black people, saying “Go Brandon (code for Fuck Joe Biden)” during the live North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) annual holiday Santa tracking, jurors and judges letting killers like Kyle Rittenhouse and his family go free, and so forth.

White America is not well. You all are not well at all. You’re also making the rest of us sick.

Speaking of being sick, the way the Covid response has been handled at every level of government by our White leaders is sickening. Masks have been politicized and vaccines have been peddled as a cure-all for five minutes. White doctors flip-flopping on health care advice.

I live in Florida, a long-time White Supremacist stronghold state where the Governor is preparing to create his own national guard in anticipation of civil war in the event the crazies decide they want to cede from the Union (again). Trump lives here also along with a large number of wealthy White Supremacists who want nothing more than to make all non-White poor and middle-class people they view as slaves and servants disappear from the face of the earth. People with mindsets similar to Trump, DeSantis, and the racist Publix heiress are moving to the state in record numbers because they love the anti-woke bullshit which is code for anti-Black and anti-American history.

Speaking of the term woke, both Democrats and Republicans use the word as a coded racial slur now. Black people have been using that word to describe higher-level Black thought for decades prior to the theft of our word. I feel like we need to say R.I.P to it because it fell so quickly from the African American lexicon. Anti-Black Democrats use the term to keep moderate Whites comfortable and to suppress Black emotions about their maltreatment. White Republicans and racists use the term to describe their feelings about our freedom and their hand in our subjugation in short.

White Anti-wokeness is a war against American history which also just happens to be White folks’ history. White people don’t want to deal with their shit or clean up their messes.

Juries in high-profile criminal cases are still mostly White and there is no respect for the rule of law by many White people. If your people don’t have respect for the rule of laws they make, you’re essentially living in a failed state.

White national grocery store chain heirs are funding overthrows of the government.

Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who killed George Floyd, plead guilty to federal charges so he could get out of state prison where he was surely going to meet an early demise. White Supremacy always has an escape hatch for their victims of collateral damage. White legal immunity has been a given until now. Having federal charges provides a way for race soldiers to avoid death in state prisons at the hands of persons they’ve likely incarcerated.

The same day he was convicted, White police killed several Black people across the country, a sign they were avenging their brother in blue. A sign that still Black lives don’t matter to White police in America.

White people still had licenses to kill Black people at their leisure in 2021.

The Confederacy of Dunces are taking over school board meetings all over the country to avoid critically discussing American history (CRT) which apparently would make future young racists White folks are raising today uncomfortable. America is vested in maintaining its system of White Supremacy.

Revising and erasing White folks’ racist history is how you normalize racism and codify White Supremacy. Revisionist history and the alleged good White people who stay home allowing their neighbors and friends to be stupid and racist is how you get Kyle Rittenhouses, Dylan Klebolds, Nicholas Cruzs, and Dylan Roofs.

Without real American education, all hope is lost for this country. White people are doomed and destined to continue making the same mistakes.

White cops have not decreased the number of Black people killed by police. They’ve been killing us at the same pace prior to George Floyd’s killing. According to Mapping of Police Violence, 98.3% of killings by police from 2013–2020 have not resulted in officers being charged with a crime. White prosecutors make those decisions.

White politicians are in charge of all fifty states on the mainland, they also control most of the city, local, and state governments in the nation, as well as control Congress. These leaders keep lying to us trying to convince us everything is alright as if we can’t read the writing on the wall. Lies eventually have a way of finding you out but at the end of the day, we Black voters are always the collateral damage. Nothing is getting better. Lying to the public isn’t going to help anyone.

You can’t optimistic and hope your way out of this baby. The grim reaper is calling, and he’s coming for White people just like he’s coming for Black ones.

America’s biggest national threat is White people, yet no one in the government seems to be willing or able to do anything aggressive enough to stop and deter the threats. America has had a 20-year war against the Taliban, but can’t muster up the money, weapons, or manpower to hunt our own Taliban.

While the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have ended, your warmongering leaders are ready to start new wars with Russia, China, as well as all sorts of other geopolitical conflicts throughout the world which will aid in maintaining the system of White Supremacy while exploiting regional resources. White people need war to feed their empty souls. The most dangerous thing to White people is White people.

The State cannot stand with White people running it. No way, no how, not if it’s going to be healthy anyway.

Can you imagine the CEO of Delta Airlines, a White dude, writing a letter to the head of the CDC telling them they needed to shorten quarantine times because it was bad for his business and the industry in general, and the CDC (led by a White woman) changed the rule the very next week with zero shame?

Yep, that shit really happened in 2021. Capitalism rules.

Let us not forget President Jim Crow Biden stabbing Black people in their backs. I've written about his numerous slights and methods of neglect frequently last year. Nothing changed.

In 2021, Sweden created a vaccine passport microchip that is currently embedded in the bodies of some of its citizens that is being used to determine if their folks are fully vaccinated. We literally need a vaccine passport in order to participate in society which will be coming to a nation near you soon. Never mind the vaccine doesn’t even prevent us from getting the virus even if you’re fully vaccinated and boosted. Welcome to transhumanism folks. We can thank White people for that shit too.

God help us.

A retired White general warns the U.S. military could lead a coup after the 2024 election. Mostly White men run the highest branches of the military. The military is made up of predominantly young White males. White people are literally tearing this country up from the inside out. Most White people won’t even admit it. Their failure to admit their wrongs and self-correct is why we’re here today.

If you think America is about to get better, you’re a fool.

Things are going downhill from here. White people aren’t doing the things necessary to right this ship. It’s pretty much too late at this point anyway. While they’re focused on the federal election, local politics have all but ensured we’re going back to 1950s Jim Crow.

White people are always looking for ways to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. They think it's someone else's job to fix what they broke. They want mammies, maids, and housekeepers to clean their dirty houses just like we did for their ancestors.

It's not happening. Not this time.

If you haven’t already, watch the movie the recently released movie, “Don’t Look Up,” about two low-level astronomers who must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth.

No one listens to the nobody astronomers. Most people chose to listen to their lying politicians and glossy new anchors instead just like most people do today.

What’s distressing about the State of the Union is that all White people allowed things to come to this. They saw and did nothing.

White folk watched and said nothing.

They stayed ignorant about the systems of oppression and chose to be ignorant.

The White part of the Union was optimistic and hopeful when they should’ve acted and been deathly afraid.

White folks were passive and complicit with White Supremacy when they should've been intolerant and aggressive about ending it.

Instead of teaching their children about racism, they raised racist.

Now we’re here in this sunken place and White people suddenly want to be absolved for their 250 years of sins. Many of you will want credit for your recent awakening from your White Supremacist slumber with no punishment for your past compliances to the silent codes and system of White Supremacy.

White folks’ privilege to be White trumped our privilege to live in peace, free from White violence, in a nation where justice is always served.

The State of the White Union is in shambles and the Democratic Party's last-minute symbolic sham effort to restore voting rights for Blacks is too little too late. In America's usual racist, neglectful fashion, White people in government made the decision to address economies instead of our basic human right to participate in the way the government works. The Union shall fail because of decisions based on greed.

The State of the White Union is not well. It's dying, and the rest of the world will suffer because of it. White people are getting ready to learn a difficult lesson about individualism.

There is no I in team and White people haven't been good teammates in trying to maintain order and peace in this thing called a Union, but there is an I in a fail.

A nation can't stand with portions of its citizens seeing themselves as individuals instead of a nation. Individualism leads to national failure, and fail the Union shall.

Marley K., 2022




I live to make White Supremacy unhappy. Racism isn’t nice, so don’t expect nice here. Buy Merch | | Follow me on Twitter | @MarleyK20 |

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Marley K.

Marley K.

I live to make White Supremacy unhappy. Racism isn’t nice, so don’t expect nice here. Buy Merch | | Follow me on Twitter | @MarleyK20 |

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