Eloquently stated as always Interculturalisticman. I didn’t even get into the need for calming the waters. There is a stench of something in the air I’ve never felt or tasted before in all of my years of living in the deep South, and that’s something to be said. I have been to Mobile at lunch time and been the only Black in the joint getting the side-eyes, and I’ve been on the back roads in Alabama where no Blacks could buy gas, food, or use the bathroom without hanging from a tree.

It’s one thing to know of pockets of resistance and be able to avoid them, but this climate we are living in is something else. It’s like the racism and hate my parents experienced once beaten back and semi-shackled is now free and more powerful, more potent than ever. If we don’t get a grip of our need to punish, this isn’t going to end well for any of us. Even the people responsible for protecting us and keeping us informed are slyly throwing rocks and hiding their hands. It’s getting very difficult to know where the lines are anymore. It seems like even the so-called good guys are bad actors these days.

These are scary times.

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