Even if you’re hurt, you won’t be hurt as much as I am by another Trump term. Next, let’s define hurt. You say you’ll be hurt too, but how. I’ve written extensively about the ways we Blacks are harmed by the policies of both the Dems and the GOP. How specifically will you be harmed so we can compare? I keep getting the same response. It’s a form of gaslighting whether you realize it or not. You gas us up to let us down and it’s not cool. Asking us to wait every four years, come to your side, join your team, meanwhile ignoring our petitions or making us feel bad for simply asking (when it’s time to ask our representatives for what we want) for what we need or addressing our wants.

Can we do what’s best for us without being threatened, manipulated, or harassed? Every other group does and no one has anything to say about it. Are Jews harassed for wanting U.S. taxpayers to support Israel even when it has absolutely nothing to do with out interests? Nope.

Black people are the only ones supposed to be uncomfortable, uncovered, and happy about it. Not in 2020. If we are going backwards, we are going to go screaming and kicking, and we aren’t allowing liberals and Dems to scapegoat us anymore. We also feel left out.

I’m worried about hate crimes rising. I’m worried about employment discrimination and a lack of employment opportunities. Why are rural communities being left behind?

I’m worried about our government fighting to dismantle civil rights acts. I’m worried about being cheated by Census workers skipping certain communities, therefore shifting dollars to White communities. I’m tired environmental terrorism in poor as well as Black and Brown communities. Black schools being closed further devaluing Black communities. I’m worried about the people stuck in rural private prisons being beaten, raped, and killed and we taxpayers are funding it. I worry about little kids in foster care and detention centers getting raped by grown criminals.

I’m worried about all the ways people in the government are manipulating systems to allow criminals to get jobs they shouldn’t have (i.e. CBP).

I’m tired of gentrification and highways coming through Black spaces deemed low-value, and the lack support we get to keep our neighborhoods. We can keep statues of Robert E. Lee (which is offensive to us) while tearing down Black neighborhoods (which is deemed offensive to Whites). We need clean, cheaper food, affordable childcare, pay increases, and clean, safe, affordable housing.

I’m tired of government funding being cut from our programs, but people like Sean Hannity and Ben Carson getting HUD subsidies for the real estate dalliances. I can go on and on each day, but these problems existed under BOTH parties.

Both parties overlook Black voters and constituencies, only calling when they need our votes. Yet again, we (Blacks, and in particular, Black women) need to help Dems win, and as soon as we do — the party goes back to being the party of Whiteness. I don’t care if Trump wins four more years at this point. Nobody cares what’s good for us. Nobody is going to fight for us. We can’t even get people to listen to us when we try to tell them about what ails us. And most importantly, the fact that we live in the same nation and Whites don’t know what the hell we Blacks expect, want or need from elected officials is a disgrace. The fact you must ask is quite sad indeed.

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