Everything I Miss At Home: Why I Cheat

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She Gives Me Attention

When things fall apart in my life, I can call her. She makes time to listen to my problems and console me in my time of need.

No problem is too big or small. No one at my house has time for me.

I work like a horse day in and day out so that I can take care of my family. I have spent so much time working, I lost touch with reality.

Things at home are pretty shitty. We go through the motions just to get by for the kids. They are almost grown, almost gone. They are off living their own lives. They only see me as an ATM. I’m always giving, never on the receiving end.

She gives me so much, yet requires so little. A welcome addition to my life. When we part, I feel might sad because I miss her company, but I don’t feel guilty because she’s not my wife. I don’t have any children with her, so there is no expectation for me to provide for her.

She’s not telling me about what her girlfriends have and what we don’t have. There is no pressure to try and be her everything.

She attends to my mental, emotional, and sexual needs. She builds me up when I’m torn down.

When things are wrong at home, or at work she makes it right between us.

She’s Someone Who Satisfies My Needs.

When I’m weak, she’s standing tall holding me up. You can’t see her though. She’s like a silent partner, in the trenches helping me deflect the arrows of life coming for me. Every day is a struggle, and everyday she’s supporting me on the sidelines emotionally.

When I need to be loved, she loves me right. She loves me in ways that are meaningful to me. Sometimes it’s a hug. Sometimes it’s words of affirmation. Sometimes it’s passionate love making, and sometimes it’s a good old fuck fest. She’s everything I need her to be, at any given time. I work hard to do the same for her.

I’m living two lives, I know. It’s complicated, but it works for us. It keeps me sane.

We have an understanding. We’re having a long-term monogamous affair. We’ve been at this for years now, which has enabled us to develop a strong, intimate connection. We’ve learned how to satisfy each other sexually.

She’s able to satisfy my needs in away no other woman ever has. I’m vulnerable. It’s a new and different type of vulnerability that only comes with age.

She knows what I want, she knows what I need. I think she’s truly my soulmate.

And I like it.

She’s Rare And Sensitive

Not many woman have the self-awareness, empathy, or the sensitivity to attend to the needs of her man. My wife isn’t all that great with multitasking. Most women aren’t despite their claims.

After the children, work, and whatever else is going on in the house, there is nothing left for me.

No one notices when I’m out of sorts. I do a fantastic job pretending that I have my shit together. No one cares. As long as I’m there to give, they are there to receive.

My lover’s sensitivity is unmatched, and it’s indeed rare. I appreciate her making my needs her priority.

She’s invaluable.

She’s Giving Me EVERYTHING I Miss At Home

There are some things in life that money can’t buy.

My wife sought and found a provider. Once she found what she was looking for, she married it. Her job was complete. How to keep the provider happy never crossed her mind. I’m simply a workhorse now to her. As long as I give, she’s happy to receive.

I was left with the responsibility of finding my own provider. A provider outside of the home. I’m not guilty about it either.

After years of suffering in silence, I now have most of my needs met, unconventionally.

She’s giving me EVERYTHING I miss at home.

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