Exactly. But the party has the same issues/dissatisfaction within the party. Jobs, racism, classism, feminism, health care, college education costs, living wage, unfair tax advantages, affordable housing, hate crimes, immigration, DACA, etc. are issues they rarely address. They make promises they don’t keep (like Trump). The party doesn’t really know what’s going on locally in all the states. Hillary skipped Michigan (Flint), they missed a lot of places and issues and people stayed home because they were not addressing the issues people needed them to. 4 years later, and no one is talking about Flint and the water is still contaminated, kids are still being poisoned, people still can’t use their water. Rural folks still don’t have jobs. Now we have all kinds of new problems. What are they going to do to stop people from killing kids at schools?

Dems have left a lot of people hanging, and people are going to stay home again if they don’t get this right. If they miss the mark this time, we have Trump and the GOP for 4 more years. They need to get to know their party.

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