Exactly! I have READ the list of side effects from the vaccine and recommendations for those who shouldn't take it.

I have had allergic reactions to narcotics after surgery, and I can't take them. I am allergic to the dye they use to inject you for MRIs. I can't take it. These make me high risk and its recommended I DON'T take the vaccine. But folks will come and judge without knowing ones personal health issues and feel the need to chastise them, when all they are doing is looking out for their own health.

Additionally, I've watched foreign media sources and read foreign news reports that note side effects from the vaccination not reported in our news.

Lastly, there are many Black people who simply don't go to the doctor because they cannot afford it. Getting the vacciine may have adverse effects in them because they simply don't know what's wrong with them.

To judge folks for making decisions about their health that's contrary to their own is crazy. But that's the American way I guess. Smh

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