Exactly. I try to tell my partner’s kids this (they are Black and attend an all White high school in an upper-middle class community). They have never really spent anytime around Black people, so they come home saying Black vernacular given to them by White kids who have appropriate the culture from music, old movies etc. I try to tell them how it’s terrible, yet the continue to do it. They are in middle and high school. The good little Black articulate kids no doubt who have been submersed into Whiteness and now they are lily White as the driven snow with no idea their “friends” are actually mocking them. Our language is so bad…but White parents allow their White kids to use it to be “cool.”

It’s madness!

Appropriating anyone’s culture is terrible. Mocking someone’s language is atrocious. Your hubby’s case is a little different. I’ve learned that when it comes to comedy, some sports and music, for some reason people don’t see race. If they can experience and enjoy those things…accept and enjoy every part of us — please already lol. Thanks for reading and sharing Ida. I bet your husband is hilarious lol. He has good taste. Richard was the man lol.

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