Exactly? There are no plans for court stacking, undoing all the terrible, unqualified federal bench appointments, and what about the Kavanaugh debacle? No one is talking about doing anything and I’m sick and tired of having such shitty options to support. I lose or I lose, so why bother to vote? How can anyone tell me a Dem candidate is going to be better than another 4 years of Trump? No one is addressing all the MAGA zombies who will be left over when Trump leaves? No plans. Buttigieg’s Frederick Douglas plan is a joke. He can’t manage his own PD in his little town. How is he going to control police nationally. And god forbid you ask a question, then you just get nonsense and stan threats.

None of this is good enough for me, and it shouldn’t be good for anyone wanting real change. I’m fine with another 4 years of stupid.

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