Exactly. They invaded the U.S. territories of peaceful people. They’ve invaded Africa. They invaded oil rich companies in the Middle East. Hell the renamed Africa so they could differentiate the skins and hair textures in their usual racial discriminating ways.

Name a Black or Brown people or nation touched by White people and you’ll see a broken, confused, and impoverished people. Their issues are theirs, but we don’t have to make them ours. Demographic forecasts have indicated we will be one of the poorest minority groups in 10–20 years, and we will also be a smaller minority group with fewer Black women having children. We are at a critical crossroads. We’ve pursued everything White people have told us to and it’s not helped us, it’s helped White Supremacy.

Now, our communities are empty, rundown and gentrified and their communities are thriving with us contributing to them.

When I went to Barbados last year our tour guide talked to us and basically shared how best, brighest and most educated leave the island to come give their gifts to the world. Descendants of slaves leaving to continue working for the former slavemasters (he called them the beast). As a result, they don’t farm anymore. About 90% of their food is imported. They don’t make anything. Almost everything on the island is imported. They are free slaves. You can’t get anyone to invest and sacrifice. Everyone wants to put on nice clothes and go work for White people to help enrich them.

There are no businesses to pass down to the next generation. Those who do try to have businesses don’t get family support. We really have to change how we see ourselves and how we contribute to our own communities. Yes, it’s going to be more expensive. Yes, you may have to go out of your way. Yes, you’ll need to be intentional with your spending, but in the end it will be worth it.

We won’t ever to be completely free of White people or White Supremacy, but there are some things we can do to level the playing field or to build wealth while taking care of our own. No matter how much we cry and moan, they don’t give a shit. We can’t keep trying to convince White people to share, give us back our stuff, or pay us for all the labor they’ve stolen. We gotta cut our losses and start from some place. They’ll miss us when we’re gone, and as always, they’ll attempt to co-opt, but we need to practice protectionism. Notice America preaches globalism (sharing). Some of the strongest countries in the world are the fiercest advocates of protectionism. While they participate in the global economy, they don’t do so in ways that undermine their own people.

That’s what the West does. America has undermined everyone it could. Now they are undermining White people. Guess what those people are going to do? Blame Black people. It’s time we get out of the gaze.

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