Excellent piece! I think we all are coming to the realization (yet again) that most White women aren’t woke or our allies. The blaring examples since Trump took office has magnified their privilege in a way that hasn’t been examined probably since the Civil Rights Era, maybe slavery even.

Women’s suffrage and feminism are being exposed for what they are for women of color. White women wanting to ally with people of color better ditch the “f” title they love so dearly, or risk being lumped into one category and disposed of accordingly. Too much is as stake for people of color to stand around to wait on White women to get it. They need to examine themselves and put their bad apples out to pasture if the feminist movement is to coalesce with communities of color. Otherwise, White women could end up going on the same list of people/groups that put us at risk…underneath the police!

We can no longer afford to ignore the impact of White women and their privilege.

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