Excellent piece Sam. The Palestinian/ Jewish war has been going on though a few thousand years. Both sides have suffered greatly. The round the clock warring has caused tremendous suffering to humanity both Jews/Israelis and Palestinians. Why must we be silent on suffering? Why can’t we call out people unfairly oppressed? And why does the suffering of Jews worldwide take precedence over the suffering of any other ethnic group globally? I have never understood this.

The two nations have lots of reasons to hate each other. For generations they’ve stoned, bombed, killed, and fought each other. Everyone says they are protecting their territory. ..but look at the cost. The entire world has chosen to take sides in one of the oldest recurring wars on earth, and when those of us who see the conflicts for what they are attempt to put it into context you’re hammered.

If someone is always bombing you, beating you, hating you, or harming you in ways where your survival and mere existence is almost impossible, what would we do?

Most of us know all too well because we are fighting in our own nations too. Because saying anything about Israel and the Jewish Community is like striking a match and throwing it on gas I’ll refrain. But I haven’t forgotten how disrespectful Netanyahu was to Obama for 8 years, and how “happy” he was to see the Whiteness of the Trump train. Israel has a history of being extremely anti too. That seems to get overlooked often.

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