Excellent summary. Two years free after 10 years married to a narc + 3 years of dating prior to marrying him. It was the most confusing, emotionally draining relationship I’ve ever been in. Every reason he gave me to love him in the beginning were the very reasons we were incompatible in the end. You’re right, no closure. It’s poof and you’re gone. I’m just getting myself back together. I can spot a narc a mile away now. I have no time for foolery.

I have found it’s really hard to avoid them because I’m an empath. They are drawn to me, which keeps me guarded. Narcs are drainers of life, killers of minds, snatchers of souls, and breakers of hearts. His family thinks he’s the best thing as slice bread. I let them keep their fantasy in tact. I cut contact with the entire clan and moved on. No contact and healing got me back on track. This was a great description of how it happens, how it ends, and everything in between. It’s a shame our parents didn’t teach us about crazies parading around as “good men.” We should be shouting from the rooftops about narcissism. Contact with one is devastating. They should come with tattooed disclaimers of danger on their foreheads.

That’s how toxic and terrible these people are.

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