How Gentrification and Racial Discrimination Have Become The New Colonization

White Supremacy simply evolves, refines, and renames itself. when it comes to ensuring Whites dominate everything and every space in America.

Photo by Megan Markham from Pexels

Everyone in America Should Be Able To Afford A Decent Home, Except Black People

In America, poor Black and Brown people simply aren’t supposed to have anywhere to live, not for long anyway. Heavens forbid enough Black or Brown people can hang around in one spot long enough to make an entire community for themselves. We’re really in trouble. We're not supposed to have nice homes or any place for that matter. We’re not supposed to have a sense of community and find joy in that place. Especially not the poor. America has made it its mission to make sure poor folks either don’t have a home or have the worst places imaginable.

Home is where the heart is was definitely a statement created by White people, for White people. They never cared about our homes.

Areas, where lower-income people are forced to reside, are often labeled bad, Black, urban, or other nice slang catch-all phrases to tidy the derogatory we’ve normalized when referring to housing projects (they are literally ongoing government studies/research projects) and/or ghettos, the derogatory name for communities Europe’s Jews were forced to live during the Holocaust.

Ghettos were used to separate, persecute, and ultimately destroying Jews. America did the same thing to African Americans. Subsidized housing was created and later called ghettos to separate, persecute, and destroy my people. Most African Americans have historically lived in less affluent (White and less wealthy) communities because they were denied access to good jobs (we still are) which would allow them to get out of ghettos, and intentionally kept from living among White folks through redlining. Ghettos were created in America to maintain inequity.

Many Black people still live in ghettos and housing projects. These days, they occupy them with many other poor undesirable racial groups. There is too much free information available for me to go into here, but I suggest you do your own research on the subject. Make no mistake though, America facilitates the conditions which force certain groups in housing projects to ensure they stay there, for better or worse, so that White people can have all the rest of the land and space for themselves.

The only reason we have the term affordable housing is because of racism. Racism makes shit inaccessible to folks. Capitalism is driven by racism. Inequitable tax assessment. Gentrification is driven by racism. White people have never believed anyone should be able to afford decent housing except White folks and they haven’t wanted to live among Black folks since slavery. Affordable housing in voted down for the same old racist reasons: crime, traffic, “overcrowding schools, and property values (see here, here, here, here, and here). Black people often vote against affordable housing because they know it’s the gateway for gentrification. We were kept separate and unequal then, and we are kept separate and unequal now. There is nothing fair or affordable about it.

Affordable housing is elusive because racism is pervasive.

Speaking of Fair and Affordable Housing

There is a reason Black Americans can’t get affordable decent housing, and it’s because every time affordable housing is raised in any community, White people will show in force to oppose it. Black people are either unaware these meetings are taking place (by design, of course) or they’re working jobs with non-traditional hours which conflict with regular council meetings times. White Supremacy is meticulous about every detail it uses or creates to maintain inequity and dominance throughout the world but especially here in America. A good White lady taught me this a long time ago as a student in elementary school. It’s the reason she made her Black classes read the paper every day, even the classifieds where important community meeting details were posted. Cryptic plans about issues concerning Black people were often posted in White newspapers. Hiding plans and meetings in the classified ads of the newspapers is just one way so much is done right under the noses of Black people.

Anytime Black people figure out a way to survive and thrive, White people figure out a way to make our communities threats, eyesores, and problems they need to involve themselves. The drivers of all the things White people hate about Black communities are created by White Supremacy. There is nothing fair about living in America, let alone accessing housing.

For African Americans in America, the lack of affordable housing is a part of the never-ending cycle of the destabilization of our communities.

Unfortunately, Black people have been unable to stop the cycle because White people maintain the reigns of power and they are always working behind the scenes playing the long game, waiting for their demonic, orchestrated displacement plans to come full circle. It usually takes 20–45 years to see the results of policies and interventions where we are concerned. Every policy created by White men for Black people is an experiment waiting to fail. White people are incapable of creating anything for us that will make our lives better. Many African Americans can barely access or maintain safe, stable, clean homes, White folks must accept responsibility for most of it. From:

Inequitable public school funding which ensures our children aren’t learning what our wealthy White counterparts are learning;

The divestment in Black communities which ensures crime and poverty rates go up — which also ensures White police and social service providers maintain savior jobs;

Proven racial discrimination in hiring which ensures we make less money and get fewer opportunities at better jobs/careers;

Housing discrimination which ensures we literally stay in the places they deem best for us;

Racist policies and legislation which set all the problems in motion that creates affordable housing in the first place; and

Racist property owners receive little more than a slap on the wrist for their egregious discriminatory housing practices and a racist court system that has always ruled in favor of White separation until challenged by Blacks.

Racist property owners can even go on to become President.

That lets you know how serious America is about ensuring Black people have access to safe, clean affordable housing. Black folks just can’t catch a break.

White people don’t want us to have nice things. As soon as we do, they work to figure out ways to destroy them.

Black people need to remember this. Study our history. Black people should be preparing for worst-case scenarios and, in my opinion, relocating to places less populated with the land they can purchase to be developed later or communal/family living and/or used to grow food, but not so far away from major cities. Young people may need to find and commute to work. We can’t rely on White people to ensure we have affordable housing anymore, and I’m tired of the government putting on a dog and pony show about affordable housing.

It’s all a big circle jerk.

African Americans should also consider creating small Black Freedom Cells. Relocate now free from White gazes on your own while you can. It’s the only way we’re going to be able to survive the rough times ahead. I am not certain fighting with White Supremacy about affordable housing is even a worthwhile endeavor. White people are selfish and they don’t care if our people have safe, clean, affordable homes to live in. They also want to be where we are. Even if an African American community is deemed not good, somehow White folks can manage to conjure up plans to make those spaces magically desirable again. It seems no matter where we are, they want to be.

Where housing is concerned, Black people should be using their time and energy to find ways to live away from White people and their gatekeepers. Out of sight, out of mind.

The days of begging White people to treat us like humans should be coming to an end. The only way Black people will be able to have what we want, what we need, and what we deserve is to have our economic systems and social systems. Black people in America are heading towards second slavery and most aren’t aware of it. If you don’t have a place to lay your head you have no place to rest or to rear children. You don’t have a home. Listen to Dr. George Fraser describe the plight of Black people if we don’t get our houses in order, quickly. Doing what we’ve been doing isn’t working. The poverty we experience isn’t accidental.

We. Need. To. Change.

Black Wealth Building Can Alleviate Fair Housing Dilemmas

We can’t wait until White folks’ antiracism education finally kicks in. A season of darkness is on the horizon. African American Black people aren’t ready. We don’t need to beg folks to give us someplace to live affordable, we need to make our own homes. Toss the American dream because that’s not for us. Once you do that, learn about wealth building. Dr. George Fraser discusses it briefly, but this is the journey Black people need to take before it’s too late. The land is becoming scarce. The rich are buying all the land they can get their hands on, and the middle-income folks who have enough money and a little power are blocking affordable housing opportunities at every turn. Things will only get worse. Black people need to prepare. Winter is coming.

YouTube: Dr. George Fraser — Black People are Heading into a Second Slavery. Take the meat, spit out the bones, please, and thank you. This video is for Black people, by Black people, and the language used is for this audience.

Racial discrimination and gentrification will only be solved when African American Black people learn about wealth building, economic development, and forming our governments in cities, towns, and counties, where we can create ordinances relative to our interests (i.e rent freezes). If we’re not available to be discriminated against and if we own more of the property in our communities, perhaps we can reduce the likelihood of being is displaced and keep our housing rates down.

I say perhaps because of Black Wall Street. Black progress and joy anger White people, regardless of our lots in life. They hate to see us have and living well.

Until African Americans Blacks become more educated about money as it relates to American systems; develop our systems within existing systems to sustain our people; gain entrepreneurial education and experience and learn to forgo instant gratification for delayed gratification which yields more fruit; we’re always going to be poorer, more distressed, always displaced by White Supremacy. White Supremacy is incapable of being fair, and they have proven for centuries they don’t give a shit if we have a home. Building Black wealth is the only way to ensure our people have housing in the short and long term.

Fair Housing Ain’t All That Fair When It Comes To Black Folks

When I think of the term fair housing in America, there is nothing fair about it. Think about it. America created a system of inequity and maintains it with an iron fist. We fight for fair housing because the system that created unfair housing perpetuates it by 1.) allowing individuals to engage in racism freely; 2.) maintaining systems and institutions which engage in perpetuating, and facilitating racial discrimination; 3.) failing to punish those individuals and businesses hiring/employing individuals who intentionally engage in discriminatory practices, and 4.) not ensuring all people regardless of socioeconomic status have the same opportunities to have decent, clean, safe, affordable housing in the places they choose.

There is no such thing as fair housing in America. Fair housing is an illusion just like most things in this racist-ass nation. If businesses and individuals in the housing industries can discriminate at-will with zero repercussions (unless caught red-handed), federal and state governments don’t track or monitor such discrimination except through obscure dominant society controlled vehicles (i.e. state and national hotlines funneling through White-folk controlled clearinghouses), and the dominant society controls all of the local, state, and federal systems of justice which aids, abets, and reinforces injustice, it’s not possible to have anything close to fair housing. We live in a capitalist society. No one cares if you can’t afford to live.

The part people often don't give much thought to is the wordplay of White Supremacy. The dominant society’s premier weapon is its system of words. Their words matter because they often mislead folks into believing the dominant society is trying to help us when in actuality it’s working against us. White Supremacy plays both sides. It will cause a problem for Black folks then pretend to create a solution for the problem they’ve created.

There isn't such a thing as fair housing because nothing about this system is fair if you’re not White, but especially if you’re Black.

White Words Matter

White words are terms, slogans, acronyms, and ploys created to make us non-White folks think the dominant society cares about what they’re doing to us. They don’t. The way the dominant society keeps coming up with names for their same old antics is boring.

For instance, gentrification is nothing more than a continuation of colonization — White people taking other folks' shit via well-thought-out plans, schemes, and systems. Folks act like gentrification is new.

The words the dominant society uses are for their benefit, not ours. Gentrification sounds much nicer than colonization. Fair housing sounds so much better than unfair housing or race-based housing options. Plantations sound much better than enslavement camps, breeding farms, human trafficking facilities, or chain gangs — because, to African American descendants of slaves, plantations were all of those horrible things. All the wordsmithing is used by the dominant society to disguise the root problem, racism, and their lack of interest in addressing it.

Gentrification is an old problem, one White people are quite familiar with and yet aren’t moved enough by it to enforce any laws to address it. They also aren’t interested in challenging systems that make gentrification possible. Black and Brown people will continue to be disrespected, displaced, and discriminated against because White America loves creating fancy words and acronyms to Whiten and soften the atrocities they commit.

We must pay close attention to the dominant society’s words. We must stop allowing them to recast themselves in a better light, a light they don’t deserve.

White words matter, but not for the reasons you think. These words matter because they aid in the obstruction of progress for Blacks, hide ugly truths, change narratives, make perpetrators of crimes against humanity appear to be saviors and saints, and they prevent justice from being served.

White words are for White people, to keep them comfortable.

White words are used to mislead Black people.

White words are used to confuse and often silence Black victims of racial discrimination, redlining, and inequity.

White words are used to pretty up the ugliness of Whiteness.

White words are how gentrification and racial discrimination have become the new words for a recycled action in an old playbook. Gentrification is colonization, a system of oppression, subjugation, and domination that continues to get a makeover and do-overs. Colonization never ends in America, it simply evolves and gets a prettier, sleeker name. As the days get weirder, you’ll see more names, more acronyms, more language from the dominant society to distract and detract from our real issues, the people who are descendants of colonizers. Colonizers and gentrifiers will pretend to be the victims.

Don’t you dare believe them.

White Supremacy is refining itself. Don’t allow the new words, fancy acronyms, fast-talking, and whitening of old dominant society plays fool you. The end game is always the same. Displace Black folks, disrupt Black progress, and discriminate as much as possible to make our lives living hells. The dominant society is evolving quickly. The end game is to dominate, subjugate, and eventually exterminate when Whiteness begins getting uncomfortable. Our cooperation with our displacement and oppression is needed. Keeping us displaced using gentrification accomplishes all of the goals of the system.

You can’t talk about having fair housing until you dismantle the original system which makes housing unfair. You can’t discuss gentrifications without addressing colonization. You can’t fix any of it without reparations specifically for Black folks. Until America does this (America is White people), anything else is putting an old dirty bandana on metastasized cancer. White Supremacy loves creating a problem then pretending to fix it, playing both sides in the game.

We can’t win anything war against White Supremacy until the system fails, and we can’t play their game because the game is rigged.

I wished white folks would create new language around the system of oppression they keep alive, especially those professing to be allies. Stop fighting White Supremacy. We need you to kill that shit!

Fighting White Supremacy implies you’re allowing it to live, and for what? You want, no need it to live so that you can benefit from it. Fighting it means you beat it back, but you’re not serious about ending it because if you were, it would be dead now. You, White people, need to kill White Supremacy so that it doesn’t get the opportunity to evolve or reinvent itself with new words and terms for the same old colonizing behavior.

For fairness to exist in our society, White Supremacy must die. White Supremacy’s death starts with America’s White Supremacist lexicon. Words matter to the dominant society, more than most of us will ever know. Discrimination and bias practices have become more covert and harder to pick up on. Words are one of the primary ways White people keep the practice alive. We must not allow White Supremacy’s words to evolve any longer.

That’s how White Supremacy survives.

Marley K., 2021



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