Are Democrats and Republicans Colluding To Kill America To Save White Supremacy?

It sure feels that way.

Photo by Mayer Tawfik on Unsplash

I’ve been watching the Democrats and the Republicans for months now and I can’t help but think both parties are working together to kill this country off to preserve White Supremacy. In the last twelve years, both parties have proven to the world it’s lawless, unjust, racist, sexist, and that most people in this nation prefer a racist, segregated nation over a more equitable one. This fact coincides with the nation’s charter. The first Constitution had inequity written into it. The nation has strayed little from its codified inequity.

Both political parties have proven they have little desire to change any of these truths. America is already an oligarchy already to most of the world. Only silly Americans who love fairytales and propaganda still believe they have a democracy.

We can’t get the voting rights legislation passed. The nation can’t seem to stomach addressing criminal justice reform. In all things, the system is put before the victims of it.

The leader of the House Representative Nancy Pelosi said it was fine that politicians got to trade stocks on inside knowledge, the same activity that got Martha Stewart sent to federal prison. Mind you she’s one of the richest people in Congress. Her husband is a wealthy venture capitalist who also likely benefits from her inside information. Power breeds corruption.

President Biden pity-pats with racist obstructionists like Senator Joe Manchin who intentionally undermines his agenda and the rights of Black people on behalf of the corporate interests. Biden gave Manchin’s wife a job and Manchin still won’t negotiate. The male ego

One can only wonder why Biden tolerates such obstruction from someone he considers a friend. Surely the President can’t still be concerned about the coal miners. Trump took those blue-collar coal miners Biden loves so much last election cycle.

So what’s the real deal for Biden’s patience with Manchin?

The Vice-President has not performed well during her first year in office and has been chided for her anti-Black positioning. She was noticeably silent during the Haitian migrant crisis while being quite vocal on Guatamalean/Latin American immigrant crisis during her Presidential campaign. She’s been caught in lies, and she's been caught treating her constituencies differently. The people who helped to get her elected she neglects the most.

Business comes before the people. This nation like most European nations has chosen to put money over everything. This country refuses to provide supports to keep people healthy and to prevent the spread of Covid. We’re living in a reactive state instead of being proactive.

At least at the federal level, the level that counts most when it comes to saving the failing nation, both Democrats and Republicans are failing miserably at everything necessary to save the state. Democrats have squandered so many opportunities to preserve and protect the most vulnerable people in our country that it almost seems intentional. It feels like their informal policy to governance now is benign neglect.

Republicans have let it be known their goal is to go back to White minority rule. This country is set up to operate that way, and if all goes as planned, it’s going to be going back to this way.

Both Republicans and Democrats have failed to reign in terrorism from White violent mobs.

Surely a group of people who make their living plotting strategies to save their own asses can plot a strategy to save us, but they don’t. Democrats can’t seem to get any policies that are needed for the world we live in today. They couldn’t be any more out of touch with our realities.

It seems as though we’re in freefall and nobody elected to fix it gives a damn.

America is no longer respected as a leader in the world. America’s political system appears to be irretrievably broken. It seems we’re destined to fail. The world has moved on.

It all seems intentional because it’s all avoidable. America has become the corrupt democracy we’ve fought around the world with our foreign policies and foreign wars abroad. David Sorta, founder of the Daily Poster wrote a scathing piece on why he feels Democrats are trying to lose. It made so much sense to me. I have been unable to convey these feelings in a way that would make sense without sounding like a lunatic, so I was ecstatic to see someone else reading the same tea leaves.

David’s piece is a good read. It’s also a hard read.

The piece below is a hard read because what’s being said in his piece is that the Democratic politicians we’ve elected and supported for decades have turned on us too. We’re witnessing sabotage. We will be the collateral damage. This means you too White people. You won’t be exempt from their recklessness. Your chickens are coming home to roost too for all those years of thinking your needs should come before the most vulnerable. The savagery of benign neglect (losing on purpose) puts my stomach in knots. How could it be that we’ve elected people who are selfish, evil, and so cruel? Well, we did.

David’s piece is a gut check.

If you think Democrats are going to stop this free fall, think again. They won’t. They are selling us a load of bullshit. A lot of you are on these emotional rollercoasters believing if you can just elect Democrats one more time, even if you switch up the ticket that things will be better for us.

It won’t be.

The system is the system and until the system is dismantled, either intentionally or via national collapse, nothing will change. Democrats are trying to lose because they’ve already won individually. They all are for themselves now, they don’t even mind letting us know anymore.

The jog today is about personal enrichment before the collapse. If you’re not preparing to live in a lawless land until the transition happens and the new government appears, you’re a fool. They’re getting their riches and houses in order. You should be doing the same.

Democrats aren’t saving anyone but themselves. Republicans were always about the preservation of whiteness. Their brand of governance has never changed. The inaction by Democrats in Congress informally solidifies their co-signing of the preservation. Even if the Build Back Better Plan passes, I can guarantee the legislation put forth will be free of anything resembling preserving and protecting the rights of African Americans. If this is the case, we don’t have a democracy.

If Democrats can’t guarantee America can have even a semblance of a democracy, we lose. We all lose. As far as I’m concerned, we’ve already lost. The Ls just keep coming.

Both Democrats and Republicans appear to be colluding with each other to maintain White Supremacy while killing the country and a lot of innocent people in the process. They are losing on purpose.

It’s the only reasonable explanation that makes sense.

Marley K., 2021



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