First, I didn’t say all white people. Pretty sure in my essay I sprinkled some “somes” around in there.

Secondly, Black people cannot be racist, because the entire purpose of establishing race (a nice name for a caste system), is so that one group can dominate all others. Whites are and have been the dominant group in America since the stole the land from the Natives. Blacks cannot be racist because we did not establish race. We are forced to participate in the system established by the racists, the people with the power, White people.

Lastly, we can be biased, but we cannot be racist. I don’t know why White people have such a hard time accepting responsibility for this and the titles that go along with dominance. You come here to center yourself and redirect your fingers and gazes on Blacks.

What you did not do is acknowledge the issues noted in the essay. Denial is another racist act Whites engage in. Just because you deny and deflect doesn’t mean it’s not so.

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