First let me say I’ve been missing you and I’m glad you’re back. Now to the business of Mr. King.

I have been suspect of Mr. King for a very long time, so much so I stopped reading his work. The thing that told me he was shady happened by accident. I was driving my partner’s daughter to school one morning and I happened to catch the Tom Joyner Morning Show and he was on this particular day. He was telling listeners about a high profile case of a Black woman in Texas accusing a police officer of misconduct (who I think if I remember correctly ended up being a lie and the woman was charged). He talked about how much work he had been doing in concert with Black Lives Matter and how he had created his own nonprofit so he could raise the money needed to do the work.

He said so more bull that I can’t call right off hand because it’s been almost 2-years ago, but I know it was enough to tell me he had been out in the public making moves wrong with out legal advice and a legal vehicle when it came to fundraising, collecting donations, and BLM. So I started researching after that. There was little transparency with him and his fundraising endeavors, so I assumed he was shady.

It was just a lot of fuckery, too much for my liking. In any event that was the very moment I knew he couldn’t be trusted. He said in a roundabout way that he had been fundraising illegally, and that he needed to organize. He also gave a subtle warning/notice to the public about also learning about how to fundraise and operate social justice vehicles properly. That’s what I do for a living, but it was a red flag for good fundraisiers to move on.

Eventually, I would write a piece about how the Black Lives Matter Movement was being hijacked by the Russians who worked to sow confusion, division, and more racism during the 2016 election cycle. But there were others who were being disingenuous about the BLM movement in other ways. I had Mr. King in mind as well when I wrote it though I never called him out.

I know how much people love him because our people have a tendency to be lazy when it comes to fact finding and doing the research on our own people posing as saviors and Black social justice warriors of the 21st century. I did not want that smoke lol. He did a good job of publicizing a few high profile cases of injustice, but he was wrong (a lot), and Black folks seemed to give him a pass on it much like they gave to R. Kelly. Some people he advocated for had other extenuating circumstances the public wasn’t privy to which aided in sentencing, etc. I found Mr. King’s depictions of some of the cases incomplete, not totally forthcoming, at times heavily biased, and on more than one occasion, just plain WRONG.

He evoked emotions (and he’s very good at compelling people to feel outrage). He used his platform and his ability to retell existing stories in a compelling fashion to prey upon the unsuspecting Black communities. He abused his privilege and his power.

Mr. King tipped his hat (to me) long ago. He may have started out with good intentions, but eventually his narcissism and greed kicked in. He took advantage of people with good hearts, doing good works but who were ignorant on how social justice vehicles should be formed and operated for accountability. Good for the young lady who challenged him and held him accountable. High profile people should not be in the business of coming into our communities they don’t live in or work in to steal money. What he should have done was helped those organizations develop their own legal charities and helped them fundraise locally and took a small honorarium for his time, travel, and hotel accommodations, then moved on to the next town.

Now BLM is a hot disorganized mess!

Mr. King apparently promised to be the “overseer” for many BLM movements in America without a 501 c 3 nonprofit tax-exempt status. That coveted states would have enabled these groups to fundraise and offer tax-deductions for donations. He (a Black man) took advantage of poor, ignorant Black folks trying to do good, and for that, he deserves whatever is coming to him.

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