First of all, I live in America where I am free to speak just like this essayist is. She spoke and clearly expected a responses or she wouldn’t have posted her thoughts here.

Her essay does not give her the right to apologize to White people for Black attitudes, which as a Black person I did not approve of or agree with. She wasn’t specific in her essay about “which Blacks” she was referring to which meant she was referring to all of us Blacks, so I concluded her essay invalidated my experiences and attitudes as well. Experiences she has the beauty of observing from a distance. Experiences she has the luxury of forgoing because here in America Asians are seen and treated as as White.

I can disagree and speak as I please just like you can. I don’t agree with her, and I surely don’t agree with you. You don’t have the right to tell anyone about their rights as if you’re the Rights Police for Medium! Save your righteousness for church. Miss me with it.

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