First that picture… I just can’t even. How do you ordain and pray for someone who just claimed your God to win the Presidency and enrich himself/family?

This piece was quite timely, and I am so happy to see Black people finally shaking tradition and not buying into the tradition of needing to be “grateful” for this great nation. It’s fantasy and mythic at best. I’m always amazed at how White people toss around immigrants to compare to slavery, as if they two had the same sort of options for relocating to their new homeland. It’s stupidity and a simple way to dismiss their ancestors’ evilness. Classic deflection my friend.

I would be grateful if Massa had left my family some land, some money, etc. I would be happy for reparations and a fresh start. Indians received reparations (at least the tribes who joined the lawsuits). Jewish descendants of the Holocaust receive reparations. Native American Indians got reparations, from the first Black President no less.

Black people got a half ass I’m sorry.

Yep…we got lots to be grateful for.

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