For me, her Black is connected to her career choice. Of all the law professions to choose from (i.e. corporate law), she chose one that harmed us (criminal law/prosecution). She prosecuted during the Clinton years, implemented many of those failed policies (like the on-going fake war on drugs), in addition to other state laws which harmed people of color, so her record is vital to our decision making process. I have the same questions about her. I don’t care about her color as much as her power to harm us, break us, and support crooked cops. There are more candidates who don’t have the baggage that she does. I am not supporting her in the primaries. I don’t care how much she shines to and for Whiteness. If she makes it to the general (without my support) and it’s her and Trump, I am with her holding my nose because she stinks so bad.

In the age of Black Lives Matter, I can’t possibly accept her record as a career prosecutor with a grain of salt. No amount of Black can wash those sins away for me. I can forgive a lot, but being a part of the justice system at the highest levels is a no-go. She is the equivalent of Hillary and the Black/super predator comment. It’s unforgivable. The fact a “Black” woman did it makes the sting worse. They can drag her to the finish line trying to make her smell good and more palatable like they did Hillary if they want to…they will lose again.

They are seriously underestimating the wokeness of Blacks in the age of Trump. Kamala must give an account for her ode to White Supremacy. I notice Shaun King has blessed her. I wonder how much his Blessing cost? We can’t trust anyone these days to decide for us. Everyone with a name and a voice has a motive these days. Not pundits, radio personalities, or celebrities. Black folk with money, celebrity, and power makes them see each other (and the truth) differently.

Make better decisions Black Democrats! Thank you for saying what many of us have been thinking. I wrote a long piece on her. I gave her two thumbs down and a look elsewhere. Blackness is not a monolith, nor does it entitle folks to free Black passes for trespasses against us.

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