Good for your mom, and great for you. I wish dad’s would take a more active role in housework and child-rearing, but it starts at home during youth. I know people like to say we can change during adulthood, but that’s not always true because it we love to look for the tangible benefits/rewards that come with such a change most times.

There is no incentive to change for someone who believes this type of work is not their job or the work is beneath them to change really.

It’s easier for these types to leave their partner/spouse and find one who will allow them to stay the same than to see the benefits in helping with taking care of the home, child rearing, etc. and change.

I think if parents would think of their prized sons as possible future burdens or an additional child rather than privileged young men who are too good to learn how to care for themselves, we wouldn’t have so many issues. Helping to care for wives, significant others, and kids requires more than just going to work, earning pay, and leaving the money in the bank for the wife to pay the bills. Boys need to know this so they won’t grow up to become “that dude” wives cry to their girlfriends about.

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