Great essay, I loved the graphics too. I appreciate you taking the time to break down feminism in 2019. Black women and women of color are sick of being the world’s mules and stepping stools. I’m glad you called White women’s movements out for what they truly are. All you need to do is look at the photos of the organization’s leadership. It says everything about its purpose.

White run feminist groups with boards containing one token Black person and one other women of color is an oppressor.

A white run multicultural” feminist group led by women of multicultural backgrounds and excludes Black women is an oppressor.

A white run feminist group with no Black women or women of color at all in its leadership is a white supremacist group. These groups are our greatest threat. Sadly, most don’t recognize it.

A women’s movement cannot say they are truly for all women when their leadership doesn’t reflect that mindset. The picture of elitist White women and women who pass as White (i.e. Asians) “leading” Black women and other historically oppressed women of color to equality and justice looks very much like American White plantation owners being “kind" to their enslaved and oppressed maids, wet nurses, field hands, cooks, etc.

The overwhelming lily whiteness of leadership spearheading these movements says everything to me. It’s nothing more than an extension of colonial charity and trickery. If white women can’t work and lead alongside Black women and other non-elite women of color, we sure as hell can’t follow. Their refusal to allow women of color and Black women to lead White women in the movement without all the complaining and pettiness about styles, focus, messaging, unnecessary educational attainment requirements, etc., is nothing more than a long-arm of White supremacy no matter how much they try to tell us otherwise.

It’s actions, not the words that we see. It’s like offering someone lemonade when it’s really tap water. There are key ingredients missing to make it right. That’s White feminism today.

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