Great insight into implicit bias. It would be interesting to explore why is it White and Asian people can’t remember Black people they come in contact with. I remember people, I make it my intention to learn faces and names. I remember where I met people. It’s important to me.

I have personally found White people to be extremely forgetful when it comes to remembering Black people (which irritates me like heck). I went to church with White people for years. They greeted me as I entered and even hugged me, but wouldn’t speak to me in town at the local Walmart the next day. They’d walk right by me. I used to be insulted but I learned they are really not interested in knowing us outside of their perceived safe spaces. The same with Asians. I find they spend very little time actually looking at us (unless we are in their hair stores, nail salons, or restaurants where we need to be watched). I have gone to Asian nail salons in my town and had many refuse to serve me, I assume it’s because I was Black. It seems they remember me and that they don’t want to serve me. I notice If I patronize a business enough, I I’m worthy of remembering.

In any event, I notice the Asians didn’t have the same disgust for White customers. Even when I went on the same day, at the same time and ran into the same White customers, I got the same greeting, and reaction.

I think racism runs deeper than these people would care to admit.

I have found most White and Asian people simply don’t give a crap about knowing Black people. They tend to keep interactions with Blacks within their control brief (which means little eye contact, minimal engagement). I wrote an essay about Elevator Ellen, a White woman I had worked with for years who basically acted as though she didn’t know me and told another White woman who I was partnered with to be cautious on the elevator. I literally sat at the table from this lady for 5 days, each year for 3–4 years and she acted as if she never saw me. They isolate themselves.

It seems one is deemed valuable if they are White, worthy of remembering. We all remember what we value and what is important to us. I’ll leave it at that.

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