Great investigative journalism here my friend!

I notice all the White folks announcing their parler handles on Twitter as if they are going to talk about something we don't already know about. Apathetic and racist White people are so predictable you can set your fuckin clock by them.

They are going to parler to be racists and say racist shit about non-White people. They're going to plot to do stuff to us like they always done. Infiltrate our movements, bomb, shoot, and lynch us, and they know the police and federal goverment will allow them to do all the stuff fully, so they have no worries.

The government will monitor but not do one damned thing....unless they atttempt to harm a White woman (i.e. see Michigan's Governor).

It doesn't matter if it's 1865, 1945, 1995, or 2020. White people never change. I like to think White Supremacists work like the branches of the military.

The ones not so sharp have limited options and branches they can enter. They usually end up in the Marines or Army going to the battle field. They are just happy to in the army, never understanding that they are being used by White people for their personal gain.

The rich Whites always send the poor, stupid Whites out to fight their racist battles and do their violent bidding. Just never thought we'd get to see the social hierarchy play out in real life in the public. I'm really enjoying watching how racist White folks operate.

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