Growing up in the South I’d peeped the Southern Baptist and Evangelical church their strangehold on Blacks. Thankully I grew up secular. My mom didn’t attend church except Christmas and Easter. So we weren’t brainwashed by their shenanigans. What in the world is going on that so many people they’d sell their souls to remain segregated and hateful.

They are so White heavenly bound they are no Black earthly good. I don’t even know why they affiliate with religious bodies. They should just go on and join a White domestic terrorist organization.

You tickle me every time you say you are ashamed of White women and I appreciate that. Sometimes I say this when my people act in ways that are unbecoming of my racial group. There are some people in all races/ethnic groups who just don’t represent those respectives group properly. Instead of saying all of us don’t XXX in an effort to escape blame, we own it/them. All of the bad and good.

I believe there is a place for religion and it was once used to serve as the law before we separated church and state. But our society was set up to not be that society, yet White people insist on moving goal posts and changing the games in the middle of them so they can win. They are the sorest losers of all losers. I hope the good White people can’t beat back these demons come November. It seems Middle-of-the-Road Joe is the thing the rest of White folks can tolerate. Maybe, just maybe, White people will save America.

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