Ha…his supporters haven’t “thought” which is why they are disillusioned. They blindly believe, which we are here. Trump is just like Santa Claus, a figment of our imagination, a fairy tale, a big fat lie!

I am waiting for the day the most corrupt administration in our lifetime is escorted out in paddy wagons. I’m sure he is plotting (and cheating) how he is going to stay in office as long as he can to avoid being indicted and having to go through the criminal justice system. A dirty, low-down mafia family will one day will pay for their greed and disregard for the law.

Even young kids know these people are no good. You can hear the bull-shittery and fuckery oozing from their lips every time they speak. They aren’t fooling anyone, especially street people. We know gang and we know game.

But since it’s White collar crime, the wheels of justice tend to move slow…and almost never punish these kinds of people.

I have my champagne and a jig ready for the day he resigns or is hauled off in handcuffs. I just want him to go. I also have some heat…because I know there will be some disillusioned Crump supporters who will be hurt their lord and savior will be gone and want to do harm to POCs.

I am ready for the orange nightmare to end, and ready to get on with what happens next.

Because of course there has to some repercussions for unseating privilege…yet again!

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