Ha, I never had you thinking anything about Castro. You just came here to espouse your racist views!

And that’s okay, you have a right to protect your bigoted political interests. I have a right to advocate for mines. My interest is to ENSURE people who have your mindsets are pushed so far back into the stone ages we can re-write history as if you guys never existed.

Nothing any brown person does (besides Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas) will appease White men like you. You wouldn’t vote for Castro anyway because he’s a liberal man of Spanish descent. If Castro was a conservative espousing the White Supremacist values you love and enjoy you’d love him. You don’t have to think Obama was a good leader, but he was. The people he hired were good and at the top of their careers. Obama didn’t hire billionaires with no public sector experience to come in and screw up our systems to appease racist White men like you. Obama had very scandals and even fewer resignations than this incompetent fool’s administration.

The explanations provide for fighting liberalism prove you’d rather burn America to the ground to preserve Whiteness. So be it. I’m ready for civil war with you guys!

You can say whatever you want about Obama, but he tried to be a fair man. He had a White mother and was raised by his White grandparents. If Obama was a conservative you’d be singing a different tune and claiming his White heritage, but because he’s a Democratic (a “lib” using your lingo) he’s trash!

Just be truthful and admit no liberal will do anything to satisfy you. You just used this post like other racist White men do to vent about how disgusted you are with liberals and non-conservative coloreds.

By 2045, you and your kind will be extinct. Cheers to Black and Brown people making brown babies. Hopefully your brand of politics will be extinct soon. If not, you’ll destroy the earth and take us all out of our misery. In any event, change is coming sir.


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