Ha. Thanks for perfectly validating my topic. Rodney King, the man who go the hell beat out of him by White cops for a mere traffic stop, asked us all to “just get along” to stop rioting after the verdict rendered by an unjust criminal justice system that notoriously protects cops having engaged in brutality of U.S. citizens. It’s the same issue Black Lives Matter protested two decades later.

Us all getting along is a joke. Getting along is not an option with all people either. Some people don’t have the best interest of all people at heart, and that’s the problem

Too many people like yourself are dismissive of the pains, oppression, and struggles of others in this unfair nation while pretending the wrong doers aren’t all that bad. Shut up and play. Be thankful you are here. Lets all get along. Hear me out, screw your problems. You don’t have issues, they are made up. Deflect, deflect, deflect…gaslight!

Thank you again for validating my point about Whataboutitis. You tried it!

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