Ha, that’s funny because tipping was created to shit Black folks from real wages. White folks now have these same jobs in the same racist system designed by them that calls for their wages to supplemented by Black consumers. The idea that he’s angry is hilarious. People pay for the products. Tipping isn’t mandatory.

What he should do is get another job and stop bitching about his lack of income. Do better in life. And learn the history of tipping. These folks just make my ass hurt with all their stupidity!


Tipping history is rooted in slavery. If a Black person doesn’t tip a White person, oh fuckin well! I’m not saying it’s right, but may White folks should hate the game, not the Black player. Do unto others as you would them do unto you. Secondly, the employer offers the delivery service, they should add a fee for delivery and pass it on to drivers instead of pressing us and offering us a service for free when in fact it’s not.

As long as there isn’t a mandatory delivery fee,tipping isn’t mandatory. It’s optional. Consider it a luxury. People need to get out of their feelings and boycott their jobs if they don’t make enough money and rely on tipping to sustain them. Don’t blast Black people for not wanting to tip them. I’m sure white people slack on Black tips, we just don’t gripe about it because we don’t get the privilege to.

Off my soap box!

I write intelligent, unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people, and White Supremacy. www.marleyisms.com | www.ko-fi.com/marleyk

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