Ha, this is a great piece! Black people are accustomed to being exploited. It’s apart of the American Black experience. The house is burning, and White people struck the match to burn down their own house!

White people have been exploited by their own people (leaders). They have have been on top for sooooooo long, they wouldn’t know a good exploiting if it slapped them on their backs which is why they are freaking out so bad right now! White politicians caused our stifled economic growth, sent our jobs overseas, got them hooked on prescription drugs, made the cost to live to high, gave those tax breaks and incentives breaks to lying corporations year after year. White politicians have been exploiting their White constituencies for decades with lies of how good things are going to be for them. Just wait and see they told them. Now… they are finally figuring out there is no such thing. The only beneficiaries were the politicians and those working towards the New World Order.

It was all bullshit. Now they gotta scapegoat someone. Guess who’s it? Black folks (again). White people are finally feeling what people of color have always felt: used, tired, mistreated, devalued, burned, broke, busted, disgusted, lied to, in a hole they can’t seem to get out of and most importantly…helpless! The house they’ve made is indeed burning down.

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