Ha, what a pleasant and interesting piece Sam. I am salty with them for throwing Rev. Wright under the bus period. White Presidents have loved and relied heavily on their racist and segregationist religious leaders, making them staples of their administration. Like Jerry Falwell, Billy and Franklin Graham, Oral Roberts, the Southern Baptist and even those fancy ones entrenched in nonprofit/ religious works like the focus ob the family dude. White religious leaders could be openly racist and not only would Black folks not say anything, they still follow those men who tell them to their faces they don’t like them but tell them who to vote for.

The Rev. Wright kerfuffle was the same thing. They knew Rev. Wright was Rev. Wright the first time they sat in the pews. It’s where they both were accepted. It’s where Barack fit in. Fast forward he wants to run for President then Rev. Wright was used by Whites to place fear in Whites about a Black man. Instead of him defending Rev. Wright, he threw the brother under the bus to appease Whiteness to win. He sold his soul on that day.

But should we be surprised. After all, Obama ain’t really like us. His entire childhood and college years were spent in Whiteness.

Rev. Wright was a sacrificial lamb. He gave an uplifting message to the oppressed flock he was in charge of. It wasn’t meant for the world.

The real chastisement should be at Black folks for still following people who keeps telling them their oppression has purpose, and God is allowing it. Why does God keep letting certain groups win, and certain groups stay in bondage?

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