Ha, you're awesome. You keep on helping. Nothing changes without good White folks helping us. I don't claim to be able to do it alone. No freedom or change has ever come without you in America.

Understanding the anti-Black Black folks like Ben Carson, Daniel Cameron, and Clarence Thomas are easy. It's the liberal anti-Black folks that are harder to identify. They use coded language and erasure to engage in their anti-Blackness. Black gatekeepers are an entirely different issue. It's a Black class issue.

We're having a class discussion now in the Black community, and how many Black politicians, academics, social justice activists, and pundits have harmed us in an effort to achieve a proximity to Whiteness (and a paycheck).


There is a class of Black people who act as gatekeepers for us. They are the people most White people love to run to. Hopefully this will help you understand us a little better.

We're decolonizing our minds too, so things will change. Stay tuned and be patient.

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