Having done the deed, I advise people not to get married. It’s not what society makes it out to be. I know wealthy unhappy married, poor unhappy married people, childless couples, households unnecessarily overrun with children because they selfishly “wanted” a bunch, only to find out they can’t afford to care them fairly. Marriage makes people lose their minds, only to find it when it’s too late. I also think at the 5–7 year mark people simply want/need a change. Can’t change when you’re married. Gotta stick to the script, the promise, the plan, or the the same old dull, complacent spouse.

And you never really learn a person. People change, people hit stuff (like mental illness, sex addictions). You’re taking a huge risk marrying anyone, but people never really let you experience them in totality. You may see something you don’t like which could lead to rejection. Keep life nice, secret and tidy.

No one ever tells you about that kinda crap when you’re considering marriage. I tell the truth about marriage. The only thing glamorous about marriage is the wedding day, and even that I question! Great post. You’re very wise.

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