Having kids is overrated and the largest drain of ones potential, finances, times, mind, and energy. It’s a constant monitoring and cultivating of little people to try and turn them into decent big people. The majority of the responsibilities fall on women to make sure you’re not raising a self absorbed, sociopathic degenerate. And even when they become adults, they still need stuff — like your brain and your finances you put away for your own retirement. Then when you’re done.. They have babies and expect you to be a “good grandparent” raising their kids the way you raised them. Oh yeah and if you have a spouse or partner…your time goes to the kid. Wa-lah… You now have competing interests!

Honey, choose wisely. People never tell the truth about how babies/kids ruin relationships and changes the trajectory of a woman’s life forever. Having kids is way overrated. I love mines but if I could go back in time, I would not have any. My life would be different today.

Make good choices. You sound wise already. Don’t let women bully you into having kids.

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